“You Turned My Hunger into Hope” [Frances’s Story]

In my time of crisis, you provided nourishing food and a path back to self-sufficiency.

About 15 years ago, I became my brother’s professional caregiver. The role seemed only natural. I grew up the eldest of eight children, so I’m used to being the one my siblings turn to in times of trouble.

I raised my kids here in Glendale and stayed by my brother’s side every day. He needed help with a physical disability. Looking back now, I know our family didn’t have much. I made minimum wage and had to scrimp and save just to survive. As a parent, you put your kids first. I remember skipping meals or just having a protein drink so they could have enough to eat. We managed.

Everything changed when my brother suddenly passed. I lost a loved one and my livelihood in an instant. While it’s not in my nature to ask for help, I felt overwhelmed. On the verge of a nervous breakdown, I went for a long walk one day to cope with the stress. That’s how I first discovered Vocational Development Services at Phoenix Rescue Mission.

I knew I needed help finding a job but wasn’t sure where to begin. I didn’t have computer skills or any professional connections. Yvette, the Vocational Development Coordinator, guided me through the process without judgment. She helped me apply for jobs in my field.

When I told Yvette about my family’s struggles with food, she pointed me to the Hope for Hunger Food Bank. Those food boxes got us through the leanest of times, for which I’m so thankful.

Frances used to skip meals to keep her family fed. Then you changed her life forever!

Before long, I found a job at a local hospital. The first time I drove to work, I got there with a gas card provided by the Mission. Now I’m able to help others, just like you helped me.

Today, my future feels brighter. I feel stronger because I’m no longer skipping meals. And my kids have noticed the difference. They tell me all the time, “You’re happier. Your attitude has changed.”
I owe that change to donors like you. Please know I’m forever grateful.

Last year, the Hope for Hunger Food Bank provided emergency food for more than 14,000 households across the Valley. Thank you for making Phoenix Rescue Mission a beacon of hope for neighbors like Frances during Hunger Action Month and all year round!