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  • Homeless, in crisis, or dealing with addiction or other life-controlling problems? Learn more about our residential treatment programs:
  • Hungry? Need clothes, hygiene items, or household items? Learn more about our Mission Sharing program.
  • Homeless in Glendale and need work? Learn more about our Glendale Works program.

Our belief is that true transformation is Christ-centered, and that new life comes only by spiritual renewal and the grace of God.

If you are in immediate danger, please call 911.

Other Resources

  • 2-1-1 Shelter Hotline
    For help in locating an emergency, homeless, or domestic violence shelter in Maricopa County, this bilingual service is available 24/7. Please visit for a full list of shelters and transitional homes in Maricopa County. Call 2-1-1 or (877) 211-8661.


How can we help?

Others have taken the first step. You can too.

New people walk through the doors of the Phoenix Rescue Mission every day, looking for help. Sometimes it’s just a meal or a bed, sometimes it’s much deeper. Love and encouragement. Hope and healing. New life and a fresh start. You can find all of these things and more at the Mission. Just ask any of these people . . .


Isaac found himself on the streets after a rough divorce left him depressed and without much motivation to keep on going.  As a veteran of the Iraq war, his training taught him how vital it is to stay hydrated in the desert, but training only takes you so far without the basics. “That was the hardest thing about being on the streets. My shoes were falling apart, my clothes were in tatters. We would make makeshift tarps to stay out of the sun, but they didn’t last long.” Then Isaac felt a push in the right direction.

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“I was living a life of lies. I hadn’t seen my daughter in years, and I was strung out on drugs, I had nothing to my name.” In the midst of his despair, Brian got a message from an old friend that would change his life forever.

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My answer to everything was to party and smoke marijuana. I found some friends that introduced me to harder drugs and I was addicted.” Shortly after, our home became foreclosed, I was back to being homeless and was on and off the streets, in jail or doing drugs. Each time I was released from jail, there it was – the Hope Coach. You could say, at that point, it was the only consistent thing in my life. It made an impression, and ultimately changed my life forever.

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