Specialized Services

Will Work Programs

In an honest day’s work, there is more than just a paycheck; there is dignity, purpose and a path to freedom from crippling poverty. But for people living on the streets, it’s no easy thing to just “get a job.” That’s why Phoenix Rescue Mission launched our Will Work program — to help men and women experiencing homelessness begin rebuilding their lives and regaining their self-respect and independence through work. The program is a partnership between the Mission and local cities. Currently serving men and women in Glendale, Phoenix and Scottsdale, the program is known “on the ground” as Glendale Works, Phoenix Works and Scottsdale Works, respectively.

Criminal Justice Diversion

Men and women struggling with addiction and homelessness often rack up a laundry list of related charges, from misdemeanor violations like loitering or sleeping in public places to more serious drug offenses, such as possession, distribution or gang-related activity. Oftentimes, a few bad choices can cost a person a decade or more behind bars. Upon release, freedom is not so easy a thing to manage as some might believe. Employment, lodging, securing a credit card or loan . . . everything is harder and more complicated. That’s one of the reasons prison “revolving door” rates are so high — for many individuals, going back to the destructive lifestyle they knew seems like the only available path forward, and the cycle of crime and incarceration repeats.


Today, there are many formerly homeless men, women and children living in safe, affordable homes throughout the Valley. These people come from all backgrounds and all walks of life. Their one commonality is that they found the strength to overcome extreme poverty with help from the Phoenix Rescue Mission’s Housing Assistance Program. For a person suffering alone on the streets, stable housing can be difficult to obtain without help. That’s why our Housing Assistance Program is so vital: It meets people where they are with the customized help they need to get back on their feet and in their own home.