Short-term Care

Gateway to Recovery

Short-term residential care at Phoenix Rescue Mission is for people who need help overcoming life controlling crises or trauma. Walking through our doors is oftentimes the first step on the journey to lasting transformation. Our guests include homeless neighbors, individuals struggling with drug or alcohol addictions, women fleeing domestic violence and countless other people who have run out of options.

The typical stay in our short-term residential care ranges from 7 to 30 days. Nutritious food, a bed, clean clothing, showers and any and all other basic needs are provided by the Mission.

Rescue-Assess-Place Program

During this time, guests will participate in our Rescue-Assess-Place (RAP) program. There, experienced and compassionate case managers seek to understand each person’s unique history and challenges, and then to recommend programs that are best equipped to help them experience real healing and lasting solutions.

Very often, that means a referral to the Mission’s year-long Transformations program, which provides comprehensive recovery services tailored to the individual, along with post-graduation support. Occasionally, we refer people to another local program unaffiliated with the Mission that is better suited to their particular needs.

Additional RAP services undertaken during the initial stay in our short-term residential care include:

  • Support resolving outstanding legal problems
  • Referrals and transportation for medical issues, including detox
  • Access to necessary medication
  • Help securing ID and legal documents
  • Signing up for food stamps and Medicaid

There is also a mandatory classroom component that provides structure for people in our RAP program. Kind, personable teachers lead discussions on basic life skills, goals, Christianity and other engaging topics.

Thanks to a partnership with a local elementary school, school-aged children who arrive with their mothers will not experience a disruption in their education. Professionally staffed on-site childcare is available for infants and toddlers, or for children on break from school.

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Compassionate Help is Available and Realistic Solutions Exist

In the middle of a crisis, it can feel like the world is closing in on you. Let Phoenix Rescue Mission show you that hope is still alive.

Call 833-HOPE-PHX (833-467-3749) to schedule an intake appointment today.

Because we are a faith-based nonprofit, there is no fee for the Mission’s Rescue-Assess-Place program.

Our intake office is open Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Appointments are required and walk-ins are not allowed, but we routinely have same-day availability. If you have a son, daughter or loved one struggling with addiction and they are willing to come to the Mission, you are invited to point them in our direction. The Mission’s programs are voluntary, so the person will have to want change — but help is available if they’re ready and willing to begin.

Ultimately, the Rescue-Assess-Place program at Phoenix Rescue Mission can be the first step on the journey to healing and transformation. If you need help, don’t wait another day — reach out to us right away!