Stories of Transformation

Statistics about hunger and homelessness are important, but the real story is, well, the story behind each and every transformed soul.

The testimonies you’ll find here vividly illustrate what your support of the Phoenix Rescue Mission can do. The homeless find shelter. The hungry find food. The hopeless find hope.

Change happens. Here’s the proof.

Past Stories


Straight out of the gate, Spencer was saddled with an addiction that ruled his life and a lifestyle that ran counter to the law. By the time he was 30 years old, Spencer was living next to a dumpster and looking forward to 10 to 15 years in prison. His life was over before it had begun.

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“It was excruciatingly hot. I always did what I could to stay out of the sun.” Sergio knows how dangerous it is to be caught on our sweltering summer streets. For five long years, he did what he could to keep cool, to keep hydrated – to stay alive. “I would stay in abandoned trailers and sometimes hide out in the library. I’d only come out once the sun went down to search for businesses with spigots to get water.”

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When the Department of Child Safety showed up at her door, Jennifer knew firsthand the terror and confusion her children were about to go through. She had lived it. When she was two years old, she too had been removed from her parents’ custody. It was a past she did her best to put behind her.

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Steven has been wrestling with alcoholism since he was 15. His mom was an alcoholic and his dad turned a blind eye, so drinking came second-nature. After decades of use, alcohol’s hold on Steven was so strong that nothing could shake it, not even watching it take his mother’s life.

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“When I started on the Fentanyl, my life just spiraled. I quit working. I could hardly be a parent. I was a mess. My wife was getting fed up with it. When she found the pills, she confronted me and I didn’t have an explanation, so she kicked me out. It was over.”

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“I just couldn’t stop. There was this craving, this phenomenal craving that was so powerful. I told myself, I’m going to get over this in a week or a couple of months. Just let me enjoy myself for now. But it didn’t turn out like that. I ended up running around in the streets. I was couch surfing, living in hotels, doing drugs, drinking every day.”

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Isaac found himself on the streets after a rough divorce left him depressed and without much motivation to keep on going.  As a veteran of the Iraq war, his training taught him how vital it is to stay hydrated in the desert, but training only takes you so far without the basics. “That was the hardest thing about being on the streets. My shoes were falling apart, my clothes were in tatters. We would make makeshift tarps to stay out of the sun, but they didn’t last long.” Then Isaac felt a push in the right direction.

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“I was living a life of lies. I hadn’t seen my daughter in years, and I was strung out on drugs, I had nothing to my name.” In the midst of his despair, Brian got a message from an old friend that would change his life forever.

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My answer to everything was to party and smoke marijuana. I found some friends that introduced me to harder drugs and I was addicted.” Shortly after, our home became foreclosed, I was back to being homeless and was on and off the streets, in jail or doing drugs. Each time I was released from jail, there it was – the Hope Coach. You could say, at that point, it was the only consistent thing in my life. It made an impression, and ultimately changed my life forever.

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Miranda was sitting at a bus stop, homeless, addicted and suicidal, when a stranger handed her something that changed her life. “I quit my job, started using meth heavily and became homeless.” When she arrived at our gates in January of 2017, Miranda was 100 pounds underweight. Thanks to your loving support, we were able to give her food, a bed and a chance to start over.

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Before I came to the Phoenix Rescue Mission, my life was on a crash course to prison or death. I was living on the streets sleeping wherever I could always searching for that next high doing whatever I could do to get it including shoplifting anywhere I went. I was putting my worth in a man that saw no worth in me, and was heading down the same road but even worse. After dealing with several legal issues, an a inpatient program that only lead me to relapsing 7 hours after I left, a probation officer who truly believed in me and Gods amazing plan for me is how I ended up here at the Changing Lives Center.

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Bob has never been afraid of hard work. He’s been an electrician, he’s owned his own transportation business and later, formed his own consulting firm. After a large contract fell through, he and his family were forced to give up their home. Suddenly Bob was afraid, and now unemployed. Shortly after, he and his family were forced to give up their home. On moving day, his worst fear realized, he was nont a part of the family’s moving plans. As he watched the truck drive away, Bob, the once solid rock of his family, crumpled.

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