Search and Rescue
for Men, Women and Children on the Streets

If you are on the streets and need help from one of the Mission’s Hope Coaches, please call 602-346-3361.

More than 9,000 men, women and children are experiencing homelessness across Maricopa County. They live in varying states of poverty, addiction and brokenness, and many of them have no idea that help exists.

They don’t have the ability to travel, browse the internet for resources or plan for the future. They’re often just trying to survive another day.

That’s why our Mission’s Hope Coach vehicles continually travel the streets of the Valley.

When they see someone in need, they’ll stop to offer lifesaving water, Hope Totes with hygiene items, beanies, hats, and other seasonal needs.

Our drivers seek to meet people where they are with hope and encouragement. They share God’s love with those who may not have seen a friendly face in months. And yet, there is a greater purpose to this outreach: To lead individuals experiencing homelessness towards life-transforming solutions.

Trustworthy Guide on the Recovery Journey

Each year, the Mission’s Homeless Street Outreach team engages thousands of men and women on the streets and places hundreds of them in housing or recovery programs.

Escaping homelessness is not easy. Most people on the streets no longer have IDs or other important documents that are necessary to apply for work or rent an apartment.

That’s why our homeless outreach team is made up of peer support certified case managers, many of whom overcame homelessness or addiction themselves. This gives them deep empathy and understanding of the local homeless population, and makes them exceptionally well-prepared to motivate heartbroken individuals through the long, often winding path out of homelessness.

Sometimes, a person is ready for that life-changing help at the first engagement. Other times, a case manager may return to the same location for weeks or even months, ministering to an individual and sharing basic needs while building relationships and trust.

The Phoenix Rescue Mission’s Hope Coach program takes a different approach to helping those experiencing homelessness, employing those who’ve been there before to build trust and provide services. Video produced by Miles Green, Cronkite News.

Whatever the case, our goal is to help them understand that God loves them, that hope exists and that life can look different from their current circumstances.

Do You Need Help From a Hope Coach?

If you’re on the streets and feel like you’re hopeless or out of options, we’re here for you!

Just find your nearest cross streets, and then call 602-346-3361 to request a visit from a Hope Coach today.

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