Hunger in the Valley

Hunger is a tragic reality in Maricopa County, but it isn’t always easy to see. The children, families and seniors who are suffering often do so alone and out of sight . . .

There are over half a million people facing hunger across the Valley. They include school children, working parents, seniors on fixed incomes and other struggling individuals. Their hardships are fundamentally tied to poverty — and poverty is rampant in Arizona.

Certain factors can worsen the problem, including food access and quality. So-called “food deserts” are scattered throughout Maricopa County. These are neighborhoods or communities, frequently impoverished, without adequate grocery stores or markets where people can purchase fresh produce and other quality foods.

Food deserts tend to have higher concentrations of fast-food restaurants and convenience shops, where snacks, treats and candy are plentiful but nutritious food is nearly nonexistent.


of Arizonans who struggle
to afford adequate food


Number of people
in Maricopa County
who are food insecure

1 in 6

Children in Maricopa
County at risk of
going to bed hungry

Stats courtesy of Feeding America

Consequences of Malnutrition and Hunger

It’s a cruel irony that because nutritious food costs more, households that cannot make ends meet are at greater risk of obesity since junk food is so much cheaper. That means that when one of these individuals walks down the street, they might be more likely to endure judgement than receive compassion.

But we must have Compassion.

Boys and girls who lack adequate nutrition may face lifelong battles with chronic health issues because their bodies are starving for nutrition. At the same time, an ever-growing amount of research has confirmed what most of us probably heard endlessly from our parents when we were young: eating fruits and vegetables is essential for your health.

Nutritious Food and Life-Changing Support for Hungry Neighbors

Today, Phoenix Rescue Mission is addressing the hunger crisis through a variety of community-wide programs and services.

Our Hope for Hunger Food Bank provides nutritious food, healthy produce and life-changing case management and resources for nearly 300 families every day.

Our Mobile Pantries deliver nonperishable staples, basic hygiene items and household cleaning necessities to families and individuals in local food deserts.

Men, women and children enrolled in our recovery program receive three nutritious meals a day, which play a vital role helping them regain their physical health.

Every day, Phoenix Rescue Mission provides enough food for roughly 7,313 meals for our hungry neighbors.

Join the Fight Against Hunger Today

We depend on compassionate neighbors to fight hunger in the Valley, and we invite you to invest your time and treasure in this life-changing ministry. Your financial support can help struggling families put food on the table and turn their lives around. By volunteering, you can touch lives personally and see up close the effects of your service.

We thank you for joining us by doing whatever you can to end hunger for our neighbors in the Valley!