Will Work Programs

Helping Neighbors Experiencing Homelessness Rebuild Their Lives Through Work

In an honest day’s work, there is more than just a paycheck; there is dignity, purpose and a path to freedom from crippling poverty. But for people living on the streets, it’s no easy thing to just “get a job.”

That’s why Phoenix Rescue Mission launched our Will Work program — to help men and women experiencing homelessness begin rebuilding their lives and regaining their self-respect and independence through work. The program is a partnership between the Mission and local cities.

Currently serving men and women in Glendale, Phoenix and Scottsdale, the program is known “on the ground” as Glendale Works, Phoenix Works and Scottsdale Works, respectively.

Labor that’s Good for the Individual — and the Neighborhood

Will Work participants earn a cash payout for the day to conduct beautification projects and landscaping duties across the community. Examples include:

  • Public park revitalization
  • Brickmaking for city improvement efforts
  • Cleaning and maintaining event venues and public walkways

The program teaches good work habits such as planning, timeliness and resolve to complete an assignment. Pay is dispensed at the end of the day and breakfast and lunch are included. Our team also provides individualized case management by helping participants secure various IDs and documents necessary for employment or housing.

Working On the Transformation Journey

While Will Work is not permanent employment, it is an essential step away from homelessness towards stability. It is also a great way to strengthen a resume, and our case managers eagerly support individuals who demonstrate reliability and work ethic with continuing employment preparation and full- or part-time job placement. They can also help begin the process of securing housing.

If you or someone you know is interested in participating in the Will Work program and are residing in one of the cities below, reach out today.

Call 602-339-0310 for
Glendale Works.

Call 602-694-6046 for
Phoenix Works.

Call 602-339-2977 for
Scottsdale Works.

Additionally, the Mission is always exploring new opportunities to initiate the Will Work program in other cities in the Valley, so check back soon if you don’t see your community listed now.