Thank you to those who joined us for the Live Premiere of our Arise! Virtual Fundraising Event. We were thrilled with the positive response you had to such an unprecedented turn of events.

Now that the premiere is complete, the 12-minute video is available for your viewing pleasure at any time.

As you know, the Arise! Community Breakfast is a critical fundraising event for the Phoenix Rescue Mission’s ongoing programs and services. We need our friends and the communities’ help to maintain our critical services during these uncertain times. Our goal for this year’s reimagined Arise! event is $100,000. Your support is especially critical at this time as we prepare to serve those who are affected by the closures and changes we are seeing across our community. You are more than welcome to share the link with as many people as you can. Learn more and donate at

We look forward to continuing to share the heart of the Phoenix Rescue Mission with you!


Working poor families coloring Easter Eggs at Phoenix Rescue MissionMission Plans to Serve 600 meals to the Homeless on Easter Sunday

Phoenix, AZ -- The economy has hit the homeless and near-homeless in Phoenix hard. More people are coming to Phoenix Rescue Mission everyday, and more families are being impacted. At the same time, the Mission is facing a critical drop of financial resources as donors reduce their giving because of financial strain.

The Christian community celebrates resurrection and new life each Spring. Phoenix Rescue Mission on Easter Sunday hopes to lift hearts of the poor and homeless in the Valley of the Sun with a hearty meal and gift of love.

The Easter meal can be an opportunity for the homeless to seek renewal. And Phoenix Rescue Mission provides a chance for everyone to participate in the festivities. If trends continue, the Phoenix Rescue Mission will serve 600 homeless men, women and children this Sunday. Volunteers will be serving heaping helpings of ham, eggs, bacon, pastries, hash browns and fruit -- not to mention a friendly smile.

"Meals can be the entry point for the homeless to find other services we offer that can help them get off the streets permanently," said Jerry Sandvig, President and CEO, Phoenix Rescue Mission. "Many of our guests are newly homeless -- they were not homeless a year ago, but job loss, foreclosures and other economic impacts have resulted in their seeking our services. We know many are looking from a program based on Christian values. In though times we want to provide our guests with a loving, home-like atmosphere."

Founded in 1952, Phoenix Rescue Mission provides food, shelter, chapel and other services to the homeless and working poor people of metropolitan Phoenix. Hundreds of hot meals are served daily. Showers and clean clothing are offered to anyone in need. 150 beds provide shelter for men nightly. A 12-month, spiritually based, addiction recovery program is available for up to 30 men at one time.

In July, the Phoenix Rescue Mission will expand its addiction recovery services to women and women with children at our new Changing Lives Center for women and children. It was through daily meals that Mission staff noticed a dramatic increase in the numbers of women with children coming to eat in our dining hall and returning to the streets. The Mission is thrilled to dedicate the Center next month and begin accepting families in July.

"We serve meals every day," said Jerry. "We couldn't do all we do without the help of our gracious volunteers and generous donors. Financially it is a challenging time for us. We see do many who need help, and we want to give them our best."

The Phoenix Rescue Mission Plants Seeds of Hope

Hope for new homeless found at the Mission

One evening, just a couple months ago, Jeff was walking near the downtown ASU Extension campus and before he knew it, he was attacked by several men and a woman. In an attempt to steal his backpack, they kicked him, hit him with a bat, tried to stab him and left him in a pool of blood, unconscious with multiple injuries. The following two weeks were spent in the hospital and when he was released, he was put in a cab and sent to the Phoenix Rescue Mission.

As part of our mission to rescue lives, to save lives, change lives and serve lives, our staff began to minister to his physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Seeds of hope and promise of a future are being planted in Jeff through our hospitality.

Jeff found himself on the streets of Phoenix after coming here from Seattle to help his sister through a bitter divorce. But alcohol, drugs and rage caused him to lose favor with his family and he was forced to leave his sister’s home.

When he came to the Mission, he put his head down, followed the rules and reflected on what had gone wrong in his life. Then he missed curfew and his bed was given to another. A week later he returned determined to work through the demons of destruction that had brought him to this point.

Jeff enjoys the security the Mission provides and says “it provides a buffer from the street.” While he sometimes feels embarrassed to be staying at the Mission, he is grateful that he has a safe place to sleep at night.

Further he says, “I really like the chapel services. They help and for the past two days I have been starting to pray on my own.”

Jeff believes “all this crazy stuff” happened for a reason. “I am here for a reason,” he says. “This is where I am supposed to be; this is a chance to move up. Another thing I like about this place is that it gives me time to think, to clear my mind and to pray.”

Jeff is at a major turning point in his life. He is discovering that peace comes from Jesus Christ. He is examining his faith and he is talking to God. He is discovering the satisfaction of serving others. Day by day we have the privilege of planting seeds of hope and seeing him grow and become whole.

Jesus talks about this in Luke 13 where he tells the story of the farmer planting seed. Some, he says, “fell along the path…some fell on rocky places…some among thorns…some fell on good soil…” In Jeff’s case the seed has fallen on good soil and it is beginning to grow and will “bring forth fruit” as we help him.

Volunteer with KMLE 108 to feed 50,000 people

 Ten lucky listeners will be picked to work side by side with the KMLE 108 on air staff this Saturday, August 28 from 8am to 12pm as we prepare and package 50,000 meals for the hungry. In support of the Stop Hunger Now Organization, we are partnering with Sanderson Automotive for this event and will be taking over the Sanderson Ford showroom. If you would like to be one of the lucky 10, please send us your contact info via the link below and briefly explain why we should pick YOU!

If you’re not picked, you can still help the hungry by bringing non-perishable food items for the Phoenix Rescue Mission to Sanderson Ford anytime between 9am and 12pm on Saturday,  Click here for a map to Sanderson Automotive. The Phoenix Rescue Mission is partnering with Stop Hunger Now to help local families suffering from food insecurity. The Mission is especially in need of peanut butter and jelly and canned tuna. follow this link to enter the contest.


Todd’s Foods serves up 4,531 meals to the homeless

Todd's Foods check presentation to the Phoenix Rescue Mission

Nicole Peña, Director of Outreach at the Phoenix Rescue Mission, accepts a check to feed the homeless from employees at Todd's Foods in Phoenix.

Todd's Enterprises, Inc. in Phoenix knows what it takes to feed hungry people. For four decades Todd's has provided high quality soups, sauces, salad dressings and a variety of other fine food products to luxury hotels, national chain restaurants, grocery stores, health care facilities,  schools and universities. Now, through a grant from their parent corporation Heinz, Todd's employees chose to feed the homeless by sponsoring more than 4,500 meals at the Phoenix Rescue Mission dining room this Fall. Phoenix Rescue Mission estimates that each meal it serves costs $1.92. 

Todd's graciously chose to support the Mission's Early Bird program, where businesses, churches and individual donors can cover the cost of meals in the month's leading up to our annual Thanksgiving Banquet. 

Todd's warehouse sits approximately two miles west of the Phoenix Rescue Mission shelter. The Mission is thankful to have neighbors like Todd's who care about the homeless and the hopeless and offer their support. The mantra of the Mission is:   "Hope Starts with a Meal". Todd's has certainly served up stock pots full of hope.