“The Hell of Summer on the Streets” [John’s Story]

We all know it’s bad to be on the streets in the summer heat. But unless you hear it from someone like John, it’s hard to imagine.

“It’s extremely dangerous. You’re not drinking enough water. You’re spending as much time as you can in the shade. I was doing everything I could to stay hydrated. At night, you really can’t sleep because you’re sweating.”

John got so sick that he ended up in the hospital. That’s when he remembered the people he had met before – the people from Phoenix Rescue Mission. He reached out for help, and we got him connected to the men’s program at our Transforming Lives Center.

“I had cold water and I had A.C. I had a roof, I had food in my belly…I had things I haven’t had in seven years,” he remembers.

As of this month, John’s been off the streets and sober for almost a year! He has gotten physically healthier, mentally stronger, spiritually solid, and is already helping in our Rescue-Assess-Place (RAP) program.

“One day John stopped me and thanked me for bringing him to the Phoenix Rescue Mission,” the outreach worker who first met John, says.

“I could not remember where I met him. As he continued talking, I realized this was the same gentleman I met in Peoria Courts, standing before me transformed!”

That’s the kind of life-saving and transformational impact your gifts have!