Stories of Transformation: Roy

Roy never imagined he’d become homeless. But after his health took a turn, he lost his job, then his savings and everything else…

Not that long ago, Roy was comfortable. While he wasn’t rich, he had a job, his own place and everything else he needed to get by. However, he began experiencing severe pain in his hands, arms and shoulders. When surgery failed to solve his issues, the pain got so bad he could no longer work and had to leave his job.

Unable to afford his apartment, Roy went to stay with a friend. But his friend had financial troubles of his own, and soon they had to leave that place, too. After that, Roy had nowhere else to go.

Forced to live out of his car, Roy found a park with public restrooms — but not much else. “For eight months I couldn’t even shower,” he remembers.

One summer day when Roy was driving on the freeway, his transmission went out. Without money to pay a tow truck (let alone a mechanic), the last of his earthly possessions was lost and life went from bad to worse. “I was basically on the street with nothing,” he says.

“I was hot. I was tired. I was out there in 110-degree weather for a week and lost a ton of weight. I was at the end of nowhere.”

During his stay at the park, Roy had gotten to know Dave, a case manager for Phoenix Rescue Mission who did street outreach in one of our Hope Coach vehicles. Dave routinely visited the park, providing water and hygiene items and building trust with the people there.

With nowhere to go, Roy decided to call Dave for help. “Dave asked me, ‘Do you trust me?’ I said yes. And he brought me here to the Mission.”

Roy with his case manager Dave, who brought him from the streets to Phoenix Rescue Mission.

Roy arrived with just the clothes on his back. But due to the generous support of friends like you, we were able to provide for all his needs. Roy received fresh clothing and nourishing food. He got a safe place to sleep and personal counseling. Roy also put his faith in Jesus. “Christ said He would meet all of our needs, and the Mission does that in His name. They helped me get my driver’s license back, my Social Security card, my birth certificate and more.”

At the Mission, Roy experienced genuine love and respect, which deeply impacted his life. “On the street, everybody’s out there for themselves,” he says. “But you get here and everybody’s hugging each other and loving each other. Here you get the tools to keep you moving forward. I’m starting fresh.”

Today, Roy is learning and growing in Christ. He’s also deeply grateful for the help he’s receiving.

Roy continues to express gratitude for the help he has received and faithful friends like you who make it possible. “The donor support means everything to me,” he says. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here. I might not even be alive. Being here made me a better person and has me wanting to walk with Christ.”

Thank you for opening your heart to help vulnerable neighbors like Roy escape the brutally hot streets this summer!