Stories of Transformation: Nathalye

Nathalye gives thanks, gives blessings and gives back.

“I was so blessed when I first came to Phoenix Rescue Mission,” says Nathalye, a mother of four. “I was met by very good, honest people who work with heart. I could feel God’s love here.”

Nathalye was introduced to the Mission by a social worker in a time of desperate need. It was just before Thanksgiving, Nathalye was pregnant, and she didn’t have food for her children — let alone gifts for Christmas.

“I didn’t have any money for me and my kids,” Nathalye says. “But I discovered the Mission has a passion and a love for helping families like mine. They gave us food for Thanksgiving, and at Christmas, we received amazing toys. It was really a blessing for my kids.”

Because people like you care, the help Nathalye received didn’t end with food and toys. Through your support, she’s also benefited from case management resources to help her acquire her GED and take English classes — things that will open doors to a more secure future.

“That’s why I want to give back,” Nathalye says. “The Mission gave us help when we didn’t have anything, and they put smiles on our faces.”

Since receiving help, Nathalye has been volunteering at the Mission for nearly five years. Each weekday, nearly two dozen volunteers serve at Hope for Hunger Food Bank to provide help to nearly 300 families.

Giving Blessings, Giving Back

Nathalye is the epitome of giving back and has been volunteering at Phoenix Rescue Mission for five years, ever since she received help herself. These days, she volunteers three times a week and is blessing countless others along the way. Often times her four kids come to help too.

“I help with the mobile pantry, organizing the food we receive, packing all the donations and giving it out to the community,” Nathalye says. “I also help at seasonal events like Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sometimes people ask, ‘Why do you volunteer and give your time? You have a lot of other things to do.’ I volunteer because when I give back, I feel something in my heart … something good.”

With help from Nathalye and our other wonderful volunteers — and compassionate support from friends like you — we’re working across the Valley to meet people in need right where they are … with the goodness of God’s love.

Nathalye now serves regularly at the Mission’s Community Outreach Events and Mobile Pantries, using her relationships with the community to care for those in need.