Stories of Transformation: Corrine

“That was the breaking point,” Corrine remembers. When she lost custody of her children, she knew something needed to permanently change. Corrine had already been in and out of recovery programs over the course of several years. She recalls, “I had gotten sober several times, but nothing really stuck. I wasn’t healing what was driving those behaviors.”

By that time, Corrine had also spent years living on and off the streets, fighting a dependence on drugs and a lifetime of emotional trauma. “I was living in kind of a cycle,” she says. But when her children were taken away early last summer, she hit rock bottom. Hurting and alone, Corrine found a real path to healing and recovery at our Changing Lives Center for Women and Children. She discovered the hope that starts here at the Mission thanks to the amazing support of friends like you.

“It was complete surrender,” says Corrine. She wondered if she would ever see her children again, but was no less determined to find a path to drug-free living. “When you come here, you have so much support.” We call it comprehensive care. While Corrine was thriving in our substance abuse recovery program, she also took advantage of our mental health and wellness counseling. Most importantly, she discovered Christ-centered support here to work through the deep emotional trauma at the very root of her devastating addiction and homelessness. “The biggest change is in my spiritual foundation,” she says. “But there are many other practical things here that allow you to live in a healthy way.”

Another amazing result is that Corrine has regained custody of her children. The Mission’s Recovery Program Manager Andrea, says, “Some of the women who come to us never thought they would see their kids again, but because they’re working on changing their lives in a trusted program like ours, they’re getting their children back. And that is phenomenal.” Andrea says, “In the end, they get a new start. They’re going out looking for jobs, and we’re supporting them with that through training opportunities and all our programs.”

Corrine has also pursued becoming a peer support specialist. “In this role, you’re working directly with people where they are in their journey. You might work with inpatients or in a sober living environment, but it’s about helping other people based on your own experience.”

Corrine’s story is a testimony to how your support makes a difference. Through you, people are experiencing God’s love and long-term healing!