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For people who care about the men, women, and children who are lost, hungry, and homeless in Maricopa County, Torchbearers lead the way by providing an affordable monthly gift each month that helps offer life-transforming solutions which save lives at Phoenix Rescue Mission.

Become a Monthly Torchbearer and help struggling neighbors like Rebecca

Rebecca grew up in a household where domestic violence and drug abuse were commonplace. She watched her alcoholic father hit her mother almost every day—and no one in the family ever talked about it.

That turbulent home life forced Rebecca to grow up much too fast. She hit the streets at 13, dabbled with drugs, and got hooked — in short order. At the time, it felt like the only way to cope with the horrors she'd seen.

Rebecca hit a low when that dependence on drugs landed her in prison—where she gave birth to a daughter. By the time she got to the Changing Lives Center, she’d practically lost hope of being reunited with her daughter.

"I came here with a lot of anger over what I had lost," Rebecca says. Thankfully, consistent support from kindhearted Torchbearers showed Rebecca a productive way forward. She focused her energy on becoming the parent her daughter needed her to be. After months of counseling, life-skills training, and prayer, it finally happened.

"I'm a completely different person since coming to the Changing Lives Center," Rebecca says. "The biggest change is I have newfound hope because my daughter is back in my life."

During Rebecca's time at the CLC, she's developed a strong sense of self-worth that had been missing since childhood. Her relationship with Christ has intensified. And she's now firmly committed to helping others discover they're deserving of His love.

"When I leave here, I want to lead other people to Christ," she continues. "I want to be part of someone's recovery like the people who were part of mine."


A Monthly Light of Hope and Life-Changing Care

As a Monthly Torchbearer, for less than $1 per day, you'll provide struggling men, women, and children at Phoenix Rescue Mission with...

Meals and emergency food boxes

Long-term comprehensive services

Solutions program to connect to short-term resources

Community engagement programs

Hope Coach mobile outreach

Addiction recovery

Spiritual recovery / Christian counseling


Job and life skills training


Benefits of Being a Monthly Torchbearer

As a Monthly Torchbearer, you'll get an inside look at news from around the Mission and invitations to special events. Best of all, you’ll know that every month you’re providing a light of hope and life-changing care to people in need.

Become a Monthly Torchbearer. Save lives every day.

With an affordable gift each month, you are helping the Phoenix Rescue Mission focus more on saving lives.

What being a Monthly Torchbearer means to Phoenix Rescue Mission:
  • Predictable source of income to maintain vital programs all year long
  • Better use of resources
  • Saving credit card fees if you allow us to debit your bank account instead of using a credit card