Our Team

The Phoenix Rescue Mission team is not only our staff and the Board, but it very much includes you–our donors, volunteers and friends. We thank the Lord for giving us so many caring partners who step up when the need is great to spread hope across the Valley.

Mary Kostrivas
Board Chair
Mary O’Hanlon
Kathy Murphy
Ted Guy
Immediate Past Chair
Cindy Anderson
Board Member
Matthew Brinkman
Board Member
Kay Ekstrom
Board Member
Steve Fernandez
Board Member
Amanda Houghton
Board Member
Carl Johnson
Board Member
Tony Muller
Board Member
Jon Phillips
Board Member
Amilyn Pierce
Board Member
Paul Reichert
Board Member
Paul Senseman
Board Member
Nathaniel Spatz
Board Member
Jim Watkins
Board Member
Terell Welch
Board Member
Phyllis Barbee
Billy Bell
Lori Bell
Kevin Biesty
Judi Butterworth
Marcia Christensen
Ron Eriksson
Steve Eriksson
Tracy Fedyski
Steve Fedyski
Casidy Ferneding
Laurie Ficarra
Jody Humber
Michael Hunter
Donna Kent
David Kotter
Mike Kuzara
Dudley Merkel
Dennis Pickering
Brad Richardson
Dr. David Sanderson
Sue Dale
Chris Schoenleb II
Steve Shinn
Emily Talpas
Mike Terlizzi
Steve Trussell
Neville Verster
Bill Warner
Boaz Witbeck
Hannah Woodruff
Kim Yeatts
Ken Brissa
Chief Executive Officer
Amanda Hines
Senior Director of Human Resources
Abby Muller
Senior Director of Leadership Giving
Ben Parker
Chief Operating Officer
Ta’Mella Pierce
Senior Director of Clinical & Residential Programs
Nathan Smith
Chief Program Officer
Jeremy Woodard
Chief Financial Officer
Sean Little
Director of Marketing
Jesse Dallariva
Director of Client Services
Rob Snead
Director of Information Systems
Zack Snook
Director of Facilities