When the temperature exceeds 100 in the Valley, just 15 minutes of exposure can cause permanent damage. No one is at greater risk than our homeless neighbors.

Third-Degree Burns From the Hot Sun

Mike survived for five years on the hot streets of Phoenix.

Every day was a struggle. Hunger and thirst were continual challenges. Violence was an ever-present danger. Such constant hardship caused him to descend into worse and worse loneliness and addiction.

“Because of the way my life had fallen apart, I didn’t feel that I was worthy of help. I thought I deserved to suffer alone… I had third-degree burns on my neck because of being out in the heat.”

However, Mike’s life began to change when one of Phoenix Rescue Mission’s Hope Coaches picked him up.

“Now that I’m here at the Mission, I don’t have to look over my shoulder, I don’t have to worry… I’ve learned how to open up and trust in the Lord with all my heart, and try to understand what He’s telling me.”

Mike’s recovery journey is a credit to God’s grace and friends like you, who ensured he could rebuild his life at the Mission.

You can help more people like Mike!

Deadly Summers Getting Worse

The last three years have set records for heat-related deaths in Maricopa County.

In 2022, Phoenix endured 113 days of 100-degree weather and 22 days of 110-degree weather. Such extreme temperatures are incredibly dangerous to the human body — especially to those who are trapped on the streets with no relief.

The Body

Under the duress of high temperatures, the body is at a much greater risk of dehydration, heatstroke, illness — and even death.

The Heart and Circulatory System

If a homeless neighbor already suffers from high blood pressure and heart disease, heat can be the death of them. Heat can send an already overworked heart into crisis.

Stomach and Intestines

In extreme heat, our bodies need 4 liters of water a day, twice the normal amount. The combination of Phoenix heat and a lack of adequate water can be deadly.

Feet and Extremities

The Phoenix pavement can hit 200 degrees at the hottest time of day, causing painful swelling of the feet and an unsafe rise in the body’s temperature.

The Brain and Nervous System

In Phoenix’s intense summer heat, one’s body temperature can rise in minutes. Anything above 104 degrees is dangerous for the brain.

Source: Arizona Department of Health Services

Together, We Can Save the Lives of Our Homeless Neighbors

With your support, Phoenix Rescue Mission works relentlessly to rescue and serve our homeless neighbors.

Virtually every day, our Hope Coach vehicles travel throughout the Valley delivering water and Hope Totes to unsheltered men and women. Our experienced case managers build relationships. They offer services that lead to lasting restoration, such as helping to secure housing or enrolling in our job training program. These programs and services restore stability to broken lives.

Many of the people we reach will come to the Mission for our life-transforming recovery program. But that healing journey often starts with a single bottle of cool water handed out on an unbearably hot day.

Your generosity plays a vital role in making this Code:Red street outreach possible. Please join us to save more lives this summer.

Last summer, you helped distribute


water bottles to our homeless and hurting neighbors.

Be part of the solution – Virtually

Want to get your friends or organization involved in providing our vulnerable neighbors with solutions to get them off of the streets?

Our LIGHT THE WAY Fundraising is an easy-to-use tool to create a personal fundraiser or a virtual collection drive!

Our Code:Red Summer Heat Relief campaign page makes it easy for you to create your own page, set your personal goal, and invite friends.

Start Your Own Water Drive Today

Every bottle of water we collect provides the perfect opportunity for our Hope Coaches to start a meaningful conversation with someone whose choices or circumstances led them to live homeless in the Valley. Phoenix Rescue Mission hands out over 600,000 bottles of water each summer.

Along with the Hope Coaches, we partner with smaller ministries and churches to reach even more people across the Phoenix area. We depend on businesses, churches, schools, and other organizations and individuals like you to donate water to us to fulfill this huge need. Join us and provide heat relief for our neighbors in need across the Valley this summer.

Is your business, church or group ready to make a difference this summer? Call (602) 346-3347 or contact gikhelp@phxmission.org to see how it works and what you need to know.

Water Drop-Off Locations

Your donations of life-giving water are welcome at these locations. Stop by today. Every drop helps!

You can also donate water at any Valley Port of Subs or Lerner & Rowe locations as part of 98 KUPD’s Operation Hydration, benefitting Phoenix Rescue Mission!

or call 602.346.3347