Church Partnerships

Coming together to transform our city

The life-transforming work at Phoenix Rescue Mission is truly an effort of the Body of Christ. Our community makes the work we do possible through volunteer efforts, donations, and collection drives. Just like you, we are in this community and are passionate to serve those who need it the most.

Phoenix Rescue Mission has been serving the hungry, homeless, addicted, and traumatized since 1952. God has grown this Mission over time and we have continued to develop the programs and resources that will lend a hand up through the love of Christ. Since our founding, the vast majority of our funding and volunteer hours have come from individuals and churches in our community and we cannot thank you enough!

If your church would like to get involved in life-transforming work, reach out to Rachel Dallmann ( to learn more!

Host a Collection Drive

Every year at the Phoenix Rescue Mission, we host five major outreach events and ongoing service to the low-income, working poor, and homeless in our community. Churches across Maricopa County are a large part of making this possible.

Volunteer at the Mission

Whether you want to bring a large group or have a few people who want to get more invested, we would love to talk. Thousands of volunteers are the backbone of how we provide Christ-centered, life-transforming solutions every day of the year.

Get in Contact

Not sure where you want to begin? Want some advice before you get started? Our team would be glad to walk you through how you can serve the Mission and those in need in our community.

Church Outreach Plan

Want to help the homeless in your community?

Just like our community has supported us through many decades, we want our expertise to be a resource to our community.

This 15-minute video explains how Phoenix Rescue Mission does street outreach to our homeless neighbors and how you can launch the same concepts in your local area.

More Helpful Resources

Is there is something else we can advise you on or help you with? Contact us!