Church Partnerships

Coming Together to Transform the Valley

The life-transforming work at Phoenix Rescue Mission is truly an effort of the Body of Christ. Our community makes the work we do possible through volunteer efforts, donations, and collection drives. Just like you, we are in this community and are passionate to serve those who need it the most.

Phoenix Rescue Mission has been serving the hungry, homeless, addicted, and traumatized since 1952. God has grown this Mission over time and we have continued to develop the programs and resources that will lend a hand up through the love of Christ. Since our founding, the vast majority of our funding and volunteer hours have come from individuals and churches in our community and we cannot thank you enough!

If your church would like to get involved in life-transforming work, reach out to us at or (602) 346-3334 to learn more!

Partnership Opportunities and Resources

Want to help the homeless in your community?

Here are some ways your church community can come together and serve those in need across the Valley.

Host a Drive

Collect essential foods, cases of water or hygiene supplies.

Volunteer Opportunities

Explore a variety of ways to serve!

Request a Speaker

Host a speaker at your next church gathering.

Print Referral Cards

Download cards to point homeless neighbors to the Mission. 

Host a Virtual Fundraiser

Inspire your church community to help neighbors in need. 

Emergency Hotline

More resources available here, as well as a shelter hotline for those in need.  

Is there is something else we can advise you on or help you with? Contact us!