Recovery Program

Comprehensive, Life-Changing Care for Men, Women and Children Struggling with Homelessness, Addiction and Trauma

There are endless reasons why a person may end up impoverished and alone, suffering on the streets of the Valley. But whatever the crisis — whether it be financial or familial, from harm suffered recently or childhood wounds endured decades earlier — Phoenix Rescue Mission’s Transformations Recovery Program is designed to address the root issues of an individual’s brokenness, and to bring lasting, holistic healing to their lives.

Very rarely does a life collapse overnight. Similarly, restoration cannot happen in a day. That’s why Transformations is a year-long residency, where guests focus wholly on their recovery with basic needs covered by the Mission. The program is built on a Gospel foundation, with an intense focus on the physical, emotional, spiritual and financial restoration of each individual.

At any given time, Transformations is equipped to serve:

(To ensure guest safety, the men’s and women’s programs are located at separate campuses.)

Thanks to a partnership with a local elementary school, school-aged children who arrive with their mothers will not experience a disruption in their education. Professionally staffed on-site childcare is also available for infants and toddlers, and for children on break from school.

Additionally, there is professional support for the resolution of legal issues, access to medical care and medication, transportation for necessary appointments and more. During the course of their stay, guests will experience regular one-on-one professional counseling, group therapy classes and workforce development that helps a person regain their independence.

If Arizona’s Department of Child Services has placed a son or daughter in protective custody — parent reunification is one of the primary goals.

Call 833-HOPE-PHX (833-467-3749) to schedule an intake appointment today.

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Going Deeper: Mapping the Journey to Wholeness

The Transformations program proceeds through multiple phases, each playing a vital role on a person’s recovery journey.

Phase 1

This 2-month introductory phase begins with an intense focus on a person’s own healing and wellness. To reduce distractions and potential for relapse, participants are not allowed to make phone calls or receive visitors during this time.

As behaviors driven by addiction are broken and negative influences are severed, a host of recovery principles are introduced through classes: the 12 steps of recovery, anger management, parenting, domestic violence and basic life skills. There is a strong, Christ-centered faith component in weekly chapel services. Case management support addresses each individual’s needs and concerns, ensuring the recovery process remains on track.

Participants are also given basic work duty assignments at this time. These may involve meal preparation, housekeeping, landscaping or other duties around the Mission. Steady work helps men and women begin managing responsibility, reporting to a boss and developing positive habits in their recovery.

Phase 2
Inner Healing

The second phase has a heavy focus on spiritual healing. Guests will learn to come to terms with the hardship, trauma, abuse and other wrongs they’ve experienced, and take ownership for the hurt they’ve caused. Professional counseling guides the process, digging deep into the root issues of addiction, self-harm or other destructive behaviors.

During this time, participants build positive relationships and spiritual maturity through steady, one-on-one discipleship with a chaplain or someone in a similar role. Step by step and day by day, men and women regain control of their lives, embrace accountability and grow in Christ.

Phase 3
Life Skills

This phase overlaps with phase two and is designed to lay the groundwork for financial independence and successful living upon completion of the Transformations residency.

In addition to classes that address things like financial responsibility, relationship boundaries, parenting and more, guests will apply their gifts, talents and experience for prospective employment. Skills assessments, computer classes and job search training are also offered, along with help revising resumes and conducting mock interviews. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, a work-appropriate wardrobe is also provided.

Phase 4
Advanced Programs

Successful completion of the first three phases generally takes about six months. Then, clients arrive at a promising crossroads consisting of two choices:

Choice 1: Pursue and maintain employment, likely at an off-site business.

Choice 2: Join the Mission’s Servant Leadership Training program, which prepares them for Christian leadership through mentorship and service responsibilities. They’ll work with chaplains to encourage, lead and serve their fellow clients in a multitude of roles.

Both are great options that simply depend on an individual’s unique calling and gifts.

People at this stage of the Transformations program are well on their way to success, but they’ll continue to be helped along by regular case management, counseling and other supportive services from the Mission, which ensure an uninterrupted continuum of care.

Graduating from the Transformations Program

At Phoenix Rescue Mission, our graduates are proof that God transforms lives! They’re also a beautiful tribute to the neighbors who faithfully support our work.

To graduate from Transformations, a person will have completed a year-long program at the Mission, including all classroom and programmatic phases. Before moving out, they’ll have a stable job, benefits or both, along with a home they can afford. And they will understand addiction triggers and know how to maintain their sobriety, especially in times of crisis.

Community and accountability are also key, which is why we ensure each person has a strong support network of family, spiritually-minded friends and a local church to attend. Each graduate will know what it means to walk in fellowship with Jesus — and they will understand His love, grace and mercy on a very personal level.

Meet Some of Our Graduates

Graduates of our Transformations program have the privilege of joining our Mission Alumni Program, which includes monthly case management, employment support, relapse prevention and other services that focus on maintaining wellness. In short, we’re in this together for the long haul.

If you are ready to begin the journey to wholeness and healing, please call 833-HOPE-PHX (833-467-3749) to schedule an intake appointment today.