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Worthy and Loved [Amy’s Story]

“All my life, I felt unworthy and unloved.”

This heavy statement is how Amy began her story. She explains the terror she experienced as a domestic violence survivor in an abusive seven-year relationship. “He slept with a gun at night, threatening to kill my family if I left. He knocked my teeth out. I didn’t know how to leave,” she recalled painfully.  Amy’s unlikely exit came on Christmas Eve, after she got sick with COVID. She snuck away, and eventually ended up on her friend’s couch. She heard about Phoenix Rescue Mission, and knew it was her way forward.

“The Mission has blessed me in so many ways. It’s God in this place- it’s so beautiful. It’s not easy in the beginning – but then you see the other side of it. They love you when you can’t love yourself,” she shared through tears.  

Amy had tried mental health hospitals and medication to escape her life, but none of it worked. “I knew Christ was the only answer.” The Mission gave her the safety and the community to experience the transforming, lasting love of Jesus. 

It’s been over a year since Amy left her abusive ex, and she has found true inner healing. She has plans to work with other women who have been through similar journeys. 

“I’m still broken, but he’s putting all the pieces back together,” Amy shared with gratitude. “All glory be to God.” 

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