Where are they now?

Tommy - From a bruiser to a brother in Christ

You might remember Tommy Smith. He spent 23 years in prison for attempted murder. While on the inside, he took orders as a prison “hit man.” Then in 2016, his life took a complete 180°. He became a graduate of our recovery program and, today, despite his toughguy appearance, Tom is one of the most kind, helpful and compassionate people you’ll ever meet.

But where is he now?

Even after his graduation, Tommy decided to continue to stay plugged into Phoenix Rescue Mission. He had a passion for learning, volunteering, and ministering to others through our numerous programs and outreaches. In fact, he’s become such an asset, that just 6 months ago, we hired him full-time – to help with our Code:Red outreach program. If you had water donations picked up this summer, you’ve probably had the pleasure of meeting him!

From a bruiser to a brother in Christ, Tommy has come full circle! Thank you for the support that produces real, lasting transformation in the men, women and children we serve!

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