Where Are They Now?

Here at Phoenix Rescue Mission, we’re thankful for God’s commitment to see lives changed. Every year, hundreds of men, women and families find freedom from addiction and homelessness through the life-transforming recovery programs at the Phoenix Rescue Mission.

But have you ever read one of our amazing stories of redemption and wondered “Can this be real? Is it truly transformation or just temporary?”

To answer that question, you’ll need to buckle up as we take a trip down memory lane and check in with some of the recovery stars of newsletters past to answer the question, Where are they now?

You may remember Elizabeth. We celebrated her recovery story back in August of 2014. After seven years of surviving on the streets, hopelessly addicted to methamphetamines, her life completely changed at the Phoenix Recue Mission’s Changing Lives Center. Your support helped her earn her GED, find freedom from her addiction, learn how to be a supportive, loving mother, connected her heart to the only one who makes true transformation possible, Jesus Christ.

Today, Elizabeth is still going strong, walking the path God has laid out for her. She’s celebrating her sixth-and-a-half-year of sobriety, recently saved up and purchased a new car and is a proud mother of an adorable and energetic first grader. She’s found a position at the Salvation Army offices as a receptionist, where God allows her to use her experience to pour into others.
“I love it! It’s a really humbling job. I get to see ‘me’ coming in all day long. There are women who come in and I can just tell where they are and where they’ve been – I can see it, because that’s how I was. I try and reach out when I can and share my story when it’s appropriate. It makes me feel good to help and makes them feel good to know someone understands where they are. It really helps.”

Although she’s a busy mom, she makes it a priority to stay connected for support and to give back.

“I try to stay connected to all the girls. I go to the Changing Lives Center alumni meetings every couple of months. I also have a mentee who is in the recovery program at the CLC.”

True transformation is never temporary and Elizabeth is a shining example of the truth of that promise. Stay tuned for some familiar faces as we continue to check in with our graduates to find out, Where are they now?