Discover what makes us different!

Since 1952, Phoenix Rescue Mission has been offering those living on the streets more reason to hope, and an opportunity toward a life that they never imagined existed. With your support, we are able to impact thousands of men, women, and children annually. The Mission goes beyond simply offering them a protective environment away from the terrible realities they face on the streets; we help open the door to new beginnings.

We welcome you to witness the amazing work that happens behind our gates. Schedule a tour of our facilities today and come alongside us as we show you the difference we’re making in the lives of those that need a hand up towards hope and recovery.

What to expect

Our program model is a unique and comprehensive approach. Through our community engagement and life-transforming solutions, including Men's Transforming Lives Center, the Changing Lives Center for Women and Children, Hope for Hunger Food Bank, and Hope Coach Street Outreach we’ve reached milestones that have genuinely changed lives.

Your tour will offer:

  • A visit to the chapel, resident living quarters, vocational training facilities, and an introduction to our R.A.P. (Rescue–Assess–Place) program
  • An opportunity to ask questions
  • An opportunity to hear testimony from our clients currently in the program
  • And a chance for you to see impact that extends far beyond facts and figures

This tour will leave you with a genuine and lasting impression in the fight against homelessness. You will leave moved and inspired!

Please make sure to bring a Government issued photo ID with you the day of your tour.


Sign up to tour one (or both) of our campuses guided by a dedicated staff and a graduate of our program.

*Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. These tours are not for family or friends of those currently in our programs. Photography is not allowed.