A Message from Jay – The Main Thing

One of my favorite sayings is, "the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing." Here at the Phoenix Rescue Mission it certainly applies to our Mission Statement to provide Christ-centered, life-transforming solutions to persons facing hunger and homelessness. We do so by providing a full continuum of both residential and non-residential programs that engage persons in need, providing immediate assistance to help resolve their life-controlling problems, and empower them towards self-sustainability.

In recent years, we have developed new, innovative programs that are more efficient, effective, and life-transformation (the main thing). We have developed better solutions for persons who are motivated for change so that they can quickly be connected to the appropriate solutions to their problems.

Nearly a year ago, we developed a program called RAP, which stands for Rescue, Assess, and Place. RAP has become the first step for admission into our residential recovery program. RAP is not a traditional emergency shelter. RAP is a 7-day structured program for persons facing homelessness, addiction, or other life-controlling problems.

RAP is designed to get motivated, and qualified men and women facing life-controlling issues connected to the right solutions. Though most clients are admitted due to addiction-related issues, our first two admission at the Changing Lives Center (women and children’s campus) were domestic violence victims with their children seeking safety and refuge.

Participants of RAP receive:

Love, support, and guidance

An introduction to Christianity

Comprehensive assessment

Full health Evaluation

Education on possible solutions

Development of a personal solutions plan

Case management assistance

Participation in classes, groups, and other program activities

Placement in an appropriate solution that matches their needs and plan


Phoenix Rescue Mission is a rescue mission. That is our main thing. Rescue is getting a person in crisis to a safe and appropriate place. Much like bringing a drowning person to shore, RAP provides that living, safe, and supportive environment. While in RAP, clients are educated in basic life skills, and solutions pathways to break destructive cycles. Additionally, they get a chance to experience portions of our Foundations Program so they can see what residential recovery at the Phoenix Rescue Mission would be like. For most, this is the first time they’ve ever honestly faced their situations, and had help developing a plan.

RAP has proven its success. Last year, we rescued 900 men and women, many accompanied by children. Of those 900 individuals, 685 or 76% completed the program, and were assisted with placement into appropriate internal or external care. From the streets of Phoenix, coming out of jail or prison with nowhere to turn, or from unhealthy situations, RAP was a place of refuge, safety, and comfort to those coming from these traumatic circumstances.

At Phoenix Rescue Mission, we deliver our programs in a socially responsible manner so as to not adversely affect the surrounding community.

All of the services provided in RAP are provided at NO COST to the client or taxpayer thanks to the incredible support of our faithful donors and supporters.

This has also resulted in substantial cost savings to society due to a reduction in:


Domestic Violence

Child removal into state custody



Emergency room and healthcare costs

Government support

Over-burdened homeless services system

The Phoenix Rescue Mission is a Rescue Mission. That is our main thing, and we will continue to provide outreach to engage all homeless and hurting individuals in our city. Jesus came to save ALL his children, and we believe He has great plans for our city, and His church. It is only through your support, and God's grace and mercy that we continue to grow, and advance the way we serve the least, the lost, and the last. RAP is just the beginning, Jesus is the end.

Jay A. Cory
President and CEO

If you, or anyone you know is sick and tired of being sick and tired, give the numbers below a call to see if the Phoenix Rescue Mission's RAP Program is the right place for you.

Rescue – Assess – Place (RAP) Program:


Motivated men and women, or referral sources must call to set an intake screening appointment. Exceptions are made for first responders and our street outreach team who may bring someone in to our facilities.

Men’s Program  - (602) 346-3390

Women’s Program – (602) 688-6219

Monday-Friday 9am-7pm

Clients must be legally and mentally able to function in a residential program environment and not pose a threat to other clients or to the community.


Opens a New Window.


Click the above Rescue Referral Card so you can be ready when you see someone on the streets of Phoenix who needs help. Print the cards, and keep them in your car. When you see someone suffering, hand them this card to offer hope, support, and most importantly SOLUTIONS to homelessness.

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