Thank you for your faithfulness

Jerry Sandvig, President & CEO of Phoenix Rescue Mission

One of the Mission's challenges from year to year is to anticipate needs and numbers of the homeless, hungry and poor who come to our doors.

With that in mind the next challenge is, where will we find the food, clothing, volunteers and donors to meet those needs?

Year after year we find the answer in the place that has always brought together those in need and those who are willing to help them. This is God's work and He is faithful to provide us with what we need to serve those in need. God is our source and He is faithful as we are devoted to carrying out the vision that He places before us and to conducting all of our work just as Jesus taught us, with love and compassion.

Of course, there are no 18 wheelers from heaven to meet the needs of those we serve; however, our large Mission family generates our resources as God touches their lives. During the past year, with our greatest demand ever for food and services, the Lord orchestrated more grocery stores to supply food for pickup. We also had more volunteers to pack food boxes, pack daily sack lunches and serve in all of our many ministries.

As things became more difficult in our economy, the Mission donors responded so generously, in a way that there were no services cut. Instead we were able to expand in many areas to meet the growing needs of His people.

To all of you who donate your time as volunteers and resources to carry out this work, I say thank you from the Board, staff and especially from those who come to us in such need. And, a special thank you to those who take time to pray for this work and those we serve. I know those prayers are heard and they are part of the faithfulness our faithful Father wants to hear.

Thanks to all of you in the Phoenix Rescue Mission family and may God bless you!

Peace and Joy,

Jerry Sandvig
President & CEO
Phoenix Rescue Mission

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