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Homelessness is On the Rise – What Can I Do?

4 Helpful Tips from Manette Torres – Homeless Street Outreach Case Manager

Before joining our Street Outreach Team, I spent more than 20 years caught in the chains of addiction. I know first-hand what it’s like on the streets of our city, and how deadly it can be for those caught unaware.

When God reached out, broke those chains, and turned my life around – I knew the best way to give thanks was to help others find the same freedom and transformation.

We need to work together to reach as many as possible.

Manette Torres, Homeless Street Outreach Case Manager

Here are a few tips that can make a real impact and save the life of someone on the street:

1. Be Prepared.

It’s hot and you are going to run into someone in need of help. Be ready! Keep water bottles and a Hope Tote or two in your car, ready to give away. Build yours at phxmission.org/hopetote.

2. Talk with them.

Say hello. Show them your heart. Asking if they have a place to stay the night or a plan for the future can be a great way to engage in a quick conversation while at a stop light.

3. Point them to the Mission.

Guide them toward a solution by handing out one of the enclosed Rescue Referral cards or print your own at phxmission.org/referral. Tell them you support the Mission, and it could be a place their needs can be met.

4. Pray.

This is most important – only God can change hearts! Don’t forget to pray for those on the streets and for those battling addiction or dealing with mental health issues. Pray that their physical and emotional needs are met, and their spiritual hunger is satisfied. And please pray for the staff and volunteers at the Mission as we search for those who need help and engage them with solutions.

Last summer, 252 men and women in Maricopa County lost their lives due to heat-related causes. As a community we need to step up and reach out to those who may not know how deadly the streets can be.

Together, we can make a difference by connecting people in harm’s way with the resources that keep them safe and transform lives!

Churches and Businesses:

Want tips for the best ways to help the homeless in your specific community? Check out our video training and other resources at phxmission.org/churches