Summer Fun with Mission Possible Cookies

Summer Ideas with Mission Possible Cookies

Things are starting to heat up in the Valley! Let us help you spring into summer with five fun things you can do with Mission Possible Cookies!

  1. Cookies make fantastic toppings for ice cream. Order your favorite Mission Possible Cookies and pair them with your favorite ice cream. Chop your Mission Possible Cookies into smaller pieces. Sprinkle them on top of your bowl or cone of ice cream and voila! Your ice cream just got better!
  2. Are you the extreme eats type? Like to take things to the next level? Mission Possible Cookies is here to help you take the next step with ice cream sandwiches! Grab a cookie, scoop ice cream on it, and top it with another cookie! Repeat with the remaining cookies and ice cream. Freeze for at least 4 hours or overnight for completely firm ice cream sandwiches. Or who are we kidding? Eat one right away, of course!
  3. Make a cookie pie crust! That’s right! Use Mission Possible Cookies to make an elevated and unique pie crust. Find the recipe here:
  4. Sometimes you need a quick and easy dessert that looks extra fancy! Layered cookie parfaits to the rescue! Buy or make your favorite pudding to pair with your favorite Mission Possible Cookies, add whipped cream, layer it in special glasses, and your friends will be oohing and aahing for days!
  5. Cookie butter, anyone? That’s right! Who needs avocado toast when you can have cookie toast with your coffee?? And it’s so easy to make! Smear it on your toast or a bagel, sandwich it between two more cookies, or just eat it with a spoon! There’s no wrong way to eat cookie butter! Find the recipe here:

Just want the cookies without all the fuss? No worries! We’ve got your cookie needs covered! Visit Mission Possible Cookies at and place your order today! Help us Change a Life One Bite at a Time!

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