Stories of Transformation: Tom

“I lived in Phoenix many years, and for the most part, I lived on the streets in central Phoenix. I had jobs and then I had months of no jobs and homelessness. I used to sleep in the bushes along I-17 near Grant Street in the years before I first went to the Phoenix Rescue Mission.

Those years were mostly awful. When I finally went to the Mission in October 2001, I was seriously ill (I didn’t know it) and in fact, I laid on a piece of cardboard for several days outside the gate of the Mission – I was just too sick and tired to get up. I had what you might call a life-changing experience before I went to the Mission.

I had a heart attack and underwent several heart surgeries while I lived at the Mission and I remember Jerry Sandvig coming to lead Bible studies when I was not able to get out of my bed. What a blessing Jerry and everyone at the Mission were to me, and are now to many people.

I am in school in Kansas City now, completing my doctorate degree, and I will be a Doctor of Chiropractic next year. I plan on returning to Phoenix to help Jerry and everyone else at the Mission.”

~Tom Murray