Stories of Transformation: Marlena


You gotta give to get…

It’s what my grandpa always said. In giving, we get back more than we could have ever hoped for. Each day, hundreds of volunteers generously give their time and energy to the Mission, but this particular story was too good not to share. During our most recent produce distribution, a family of five came through the Family Outreach Center for fruit, milk, eggs and bread. The father, two teenage sons, young daughter and baby were obviously appreciative of what the Mission had to offer. A few minutes later, the boys came to me asking to volunteer. They insisted on helping the other people at the event in an effort to give back for what they had just received. An hour later, their younger sister joined them and after three hours of hard work, their father returned, having waited patiently for them while they volunteered. It was touching to see how their father recognized their need to give back and even more touching to work with such great young people.

Thank you to all the volunteers who continue to bless our Mission!

Marlena Padron, Volunteer Coordinator