Stories of Transformation: Henry

Henry is a native Arizonan who was raised by his single mother after his father left when he was only three years old. His mother did her best to raise Henry and his siblings right. However, in his formative years, his male role models were his uncles, who all had drinking problems.

Henry married young and before he knew it, he was the father of three children. It’s at this point that Henry’s drinking problem surfaced. While he kept a job and provided physically for his family, Henry was not always there emotionally for them.

After eight years of marriage, he and his wife were divorced. That’s when Henry went from just drinking to also using drugs. He became involved with the wrong people and ended up in and out of jail for several years. Then he was in a bad accident, but didn’t end up in jail even though there were already three DUIs on his record. As he roamed the streets, he was filled with guilt. He prayed for forgiveness and God’s help in his life. Just a few minutes later, another man on the streets told him about the Men’s Addiction Recovery Program at the Mission.

Henry entered the program without realizing everything he would go through in the next year. He had to learn to submit to authority and how to deal with his anger and pride. He had built up a great deal of resentment toward his father and learned that he had to forgive his father and himself. There were many times that he wanted to leave and run away from his problems, but the staff kept encouraging him. “God broke me of many things, humbling me for my growth and His will,” Henry said.

Henry graduated from the program in July and is searching for a job. He also has received a grant to attend Rio Salado College to pursue a Chemical Dependency degree. His ultimate goal is to be certified as a Chemical Dependency counselor to help others.

“I can see now that God’s been with me through it all.” He wants you to know, “When you give to the Mission, you’re not just giving to people, but you’re giving to God’s work.”