Stories of Transformation: Brian

In his childhood, Brian lived in several different towns. His parents were divorced, so he lived with his dad for his first ten years, then with his mom until he graduated from high school.

As far back as he can remember, Brian has dealt with depression. He started smoking marijuana when he was in his teens. He felt better and more relaxed when he was “high,” so he kept on smoking it.

Brian worked a construction job for eight years after high school, still smoking marijuana on and off. His real problems began when he got involved with the wrong people and started smoking meth. He lost his job and apartment, was living in his truck in a south Phoenix river bottom area, spending what little funds he had left on drugs. As long as he still had his truck, he didn’t think he was homeless.

Brian did get a job on and off after that, but eventually quit working and spent all his time living with his so-called friends doing drugs. That is when God chose to touch Brian’s life.

“I found a devotional book just lying in an alley. I had always thought that God hated me, but when I read the book that night, I realized that God had loved me all along,” Brian said.

The next day, he went to stay in the shelter at the Phoenix Rescue Mission. He got a day labor job and learned more about God in the Chapel services at night. He saved up to buy a car and thought he could make things work out on his own. Unfortunately, when he bought a car and left the Mission, he got involved in his old ways and was soon back on drugs.

Brian was in and out of our shelter for over a year, knowing that Jesus had led him to the Mission, but unable to commit to the year-long Addiction Recovery Program. He finally admitted his addiction problem to one of the chaplains and signed up for the program.

“It was the best decision I have ever made,” Brian shared. In the recovery program, he learned to deal with his past resentment and also be accountable to others and to God. “I had to learn to trust God and to learn His plan for my life.” Brian also discovered that having healthy relationships with other Christians could actually be fun!

Brian graduated from the program late last year and is looking for employment. He is confident that God will help him find the right job. He is truly excited about having a new life, taking it one day at a time with the Lord. Brian wants to tell those who support the Mission, “Thank you. My new life wouldn’t have been possible without your gifts and prayers!”