Spiritual Recovery

For all of the programs listed above, spiritual recovery is at the heart of everything we do. No program or service can work fully without divine intervention, and no person is fully transformed without Christ.

Just ask Dennis.

For 23 years, Dennis was addicted to meth, a habit that would cost him his marriage, his family, his job, his home, and his freedom — he spent a year in jail. When he reached rock bottom, he cried out to God for rescue. The answer came quickly: The very next morning, someone drove Dennis to the Phoenix Rescue Mission.

Dennis entered our recovery program and learned what he was missing: a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He found that the closer he grew to God, the easier it became to surrender his past sins and to find hope and joy through God’s forgiveness.

When Dennis finished the program, he was a changed man. He found steady work, and is slowly putting the pieces back together. Of the Mission and its supporters, Dennis now says, “You literally saved my life.”

Again, Dennis’s story underscores what we firmly believe: True transformation is not possible without God’s grace and a relationship with Jesus.

God is the hero around here. Not us. Not our staff. Not our programs. It’s all God.