Hope Coach Mobile Outreach

John was living alone on the streets when a white van pulled up with the words “Hope Coach” written on the side. “Want a sandwich?” asked the driver, who then invited him to check out the Phoenix Rescue Mission. The next morning, John went to the Mission for breakfast . . . but he ended up getting a whole lot more.

John enrolled in the recovery program, and has been working on getting back to school. “Thanks to the Mission, I’ve got a real hope for the future!” he says.

Nearly every day of the year, the Mission’s Hope Coach van travels the streets of Phoenix, offering water, hygiene kits, socks, and other items to homeless men, women, and families without shelter. The Hope Coach is often the only help they receive.

This vital program is important for reaching those on the streets with prayer and hope. Led by Chaplain Cliff Danley, individuals and group volunteers ride along, learn about homelessness, see oft-ignored neighborhoods, and hand out life-saving Hope Totes of water, hygiene items, socks, and more.

Would you like to ride along in the Hope Coach to serve those who live on the streets? Or help out by providing Hope Totes and Hope Sack meals? Learn more at our Volunteer page.