Community Engagement

A community mobilized to transform lives and end hunger and homelessness.

Mission Sharing

The Mission Sharing program distributes food and gifts-in-kind to help meet the needs of low-income individuals and families, and engages them for rescue. Food, clothing, water, hygiene items, and household goods are distributed to individuals and families, as well as to other agencies serving people in need.

1) Community Market distributes perishable and non-perishable food that is donated from sources such as St. Mary’s food bank and GIK donations from the community. Food is pre-boxed by volunteers and clients and distributed every 2nd and 4th Saturday to Mission Sharing clients.

2) Community Closet distributes donated clothing and household items to Mission Sharing, Solutions and Transformations clients.

3) Community Partners distributes food and other GIK materials to nonprofit organizations who have outreach services to the poor.

4) Community Meals provides a warm meal during Community Market to Mission Sharing clients who are enrolled in the Mission Sharing program.

5) Community Events are large outreach events designed to provide basic goods and services to low-income and homeless families.

6) Hope for Hunger is a food bank in Glendale that provides perishable and non-perishable goods to people in need.

P.A.R.C. - Police and Rescue Collaboration

"You do what you have to do to survive, moving with the shade just to stay cool," says Albert, who spent last summer on the streets. "Most of the time you're stuck sitting there because it's too hot to do anything."

Here in the Valley of the Sun, the mixture of dehydration, exposure to our relentless heat, and inadequate shelter can put someone in danger of heatstroke in as little as 15 minutes. Last year that mix proved deadly for 34 in Maricopa County - each life lost needless and entirely preventable.

Fortunately, for Albert, he was rescued off the streets before a massive heatwave, thanks to our P.A.R.C. Bench (Police and Rescue Collaboration) program - a partnership between the Phoenix Rescue Mission and the Phoenix Police Department. "I was sleeping under some trees behind the "At Home"store on 32nd street and Cactus when maintenance came by and told me, 'You had better pack up your stuff or I'm going to call police ... In fact, I'm going to call them right now." Albert hurriedly gathered his things, but he wasn't quick enough. Moments later, two police SUVs drove up to greet him.

"I thought, well this is it, I'm going to get locked up," remembers Albert. But instead of taking a trip in the back of a cruiser, the officers told Albert about a place called the Phoenix Rescue Mission. "I was like, 'Really?' I was expecting to go to jail or get a , 'Shoo, go, keep moving.' But instead they listened to my story and called Chaplain Cliff, who came to pick me up in the Hope Coach!"

Upon arriving at the Mission's Community Solutions Center, Albert signed up for our men's recovery program and took the first steps towards new life! "Getting the cops called on me was a blessing in disguise. Everyone has been so accepting here,' says Albert, with tears in his eyes. "I feel like God is telling me, 'You've waited long enough, it's time for you to change. Take my hand now.' All I can say is, 'Thank God!"

Nate Smith, Community Engagement Manager at the Phoenix Rescue Mission says, "the Mission is about getting people connected to resources that will help in their homelessness, and sustain a healthy lifestyle permanently. "It's a long process, it's an in-depth process, but we are building empowerment into the fabric of everything we do here at the Mission."

Thanks to your support, Albert is safe. But there are still an estimated 25,560 homeless individuals in Maricopa County who will be exposed to deadly temperatures this summer - men, women, and children with nowhere to go for relief. We need your help now to keep them safe during the blistering-hot months.


The Arizona  A.N.G.E.L. Initiative is the first of it's kind program to be introduced to the state of Arizona. As government officials "recognize substance abuse as a priority for Arizona," the Phoenix Rescue Mission is in the forefront of taking a leading role. A community partnership program in which adults struggling with addiction voluntarily presented at the Maryvale Precinct police station asking for help and are directed toward the resources needed for recovery. That's when the Phoenix Rescue Mission is called beginning the process of assisting these individuals towards new life and transformation.

The police would legally vet and clear the prospective client and then contact the Mission who would dispatch a trained peer support specialist (Angel) to the precinct to screen candidates for RAP (Rescue Assess Place) admission or need for detox. The Angel from the Mission would use our street outreach vans, "Hope Coach" to transport approved clients back to RAP. Those needing detox would be transported by police and the Angel would provide transport back to RAP once released.

To learn more about the Arizona Angel Initiative, click here.


When that cell door slams shut for the first time, it's a wake-up call. Suddenly the stark reality of their choices are brought into sharp focus for the first time. Despair and hopelessness quickly become their new cellmate. But instead of leaving incarcerated men and women to thoughts of shame and isolation, what if we came along beside them at this critical moment and offered them hope? What if instead of spending their time wondering how they were going to put their lives back together, we put an arm around them and helped them build a solid plan of transformation?

That's exactly what our B.R.I.D.G.E program seeks to accomplish. It's designed to reach out to inmates like Matt (read his story HERE), people who have no idea life-transforming services are being offered, free of charge, a block and a half away from their cell, to prepare them to enter into recovery the moment they're released.

Currently B.R.I.D.G.E. reaches incarcerated men and women in three facilities across the valley, but our plan is to eventually invade each and every jail and prison in Phoenix with the transforming power of Christ. Whatever it is that holds people back from fulfilling their God-given purpose in life - addiction, incarceration, joblessness, homelessness, depression or hunger, Phoenix Rescue Mission is committed to providing the kind of hope and support that sets them free from bondage and see their lives transformed. Thank you for the support that puts prisoners, both literal and figurative, on the path to true life!

Community Connection

Community Connections is a community development ministry designed to identify and address community issues while mobilizing and empowering community partners to be a part of the solution to society’s problems. The purpose of Community Connections is to take a lead role in assessing community needs, identifying assets in the community, developing solutions for community problems, educating the public about problems and potential solutions, and mobilizing community members into action. The Mission's role may range from providing direct services with assistance from community partners and volunteers to coming alongside and supporting the efforts of community partners. The Mission conducts needs-assessments, asset-mapping, provide training and ongoing technical support for churches, schools, and other community groups desiring to mobilize on the issues of homelessness, poverty, addiction, and other life-controlling problems.

Want to see the life transformation for yourself? We give tours of our facilities every month and we'd love to have you join us! Groups are welcome. See the Tour Schedule