Addiction Recovery for Men

“For 28 years, all I did was work, drink, and sleep,” says Tim. “I didn’t think there was anything else. But the Mission taught me that there was.” Indeed, there was much more for Tim . . . and for everyone who enters Transformations, the Mission’s addiction recovery program for men.

Transformations is a 12-to-18-month, Christ-centered program featuring Bible study, counseling, addiction recovery education, relapse prevention, life-skills development, vocational training, on-site work therapy, discipleship, group meetings, church attendance, and support group meetings. Based out of our Community Solutions Center, this is where the men in the transformation program find hope and a new identity in Christ.

The program consists of three phases, plus an aftercare option:

  • Phase 1: Foundations, the first step on the road to recovery, runs for 8-plus weeks after a person comes through our R.A.P. Unit. During this time of stabilization, clients are introduced to basic recovery principles, and begin classes to gain understanding, obtain the basic skills needed, and develop the necessary commitment for Christ-centered recovery.
  • Phase 2: Intensive Residential Discipleship is a 5-month residential program that takes clients through 3 stages of recovery — Inner Healing, Discipleship, and Job Attainment. Clients participate in classes and counseling to analyze destructive thought patterns and behaviors, to address damaged relationships and commit to making amends, and to regain control and accountability to self and others. Clients then assess their gifts, talents, and experience that they can bring to a new life in recovery. Skills assessments, computer classes, and job search training are offered at the end of this phase.
  • Phase 3: Advanced Programs feature three options for clients to prepare for independence. The New Start track offers support for pursuing and maintaining employment. The Servant Leadership track prepares clients for moving into Christian leadership via mentorship and service responsibilities. Intensive Re-Entry is an alternative track for eligible clients who are legally married, have legal mandates, or health impairments. (Learn more about our Vocational Development program here.)
  • Aftercare is a 6-month phase of continued support for clients who have graduated from the program. Clients are required to complete their Aftercare contract, to complete monthly progress reports, and participate in the program’s Alumni Association.

“I cried out to the Almighty, and he answered that call with the Phoenix Rescue Mission,” says Tim, who went through the recovery program. “I am so thankful to be standing here clean and sober.”

If you or someone you know is homeless or at risk of being homeless and needs recovery from drug or alcohol abuse, take the first step toward recovery and contact our Welcome Center at (602) 346-3384 with any questions or to arrange an intake and meeting with one of our Case Managers.

Download an intake application.