How the Mission goes about the work of rescue.

The Phoenix Rescue Mission offers a number of Christ-centered programs and services to help men, women, and children escape hunger and homelessness.

On any given day, there could be up to 6,000 homeless men, women, and children in Maricopa County. Learn more about local homelessness

Hope for Hunger Food Bank

Hope for Hunger is a food ministry of Phoenix Rescue. Infused with the love of Christ, the food bank is a true beacon of hope to the community—a place where caring volunteers come together to provide emergency food for struggling children, families and seniors in Glendale and parts of Peoria and Phoenix.

The Changing Lives Center for Women & Children

Charity was about to lose the only thing in life that mattered: Her 6-year-old daughter, Savannah. Charity’s expensive heroin addiction led to burglary and shoplifting . . . and then an arrest. She lost custody of Savannah, and was looking at a prison sentence of 10-15 years. So when she heard about Phoenix Rescue Mission's Changing Lives Center for women and children, Charity didn't hesitate to sign up.

Addiction Recovery for Men

“For 28 years, all I did was work, drink, and sleep,” says Tim. “I didn’t think there was anything else. But the Mission taught me that there was.” Indeed, there was much more for Tim . . . and for everyone who enters Transformations, the Mission’s addiction recovery program for men.

Solutions Program

Not everyone who comes to our doors is looking for a long-term recovery program. Some people simply need a job, an income, or a temporary place to stay while they arrange housing. Robert lost his job on a technicality and found himself suddenly homeless. He came to the Mission for shelter, but found our Solutions program and changed the direction of his future.

Community Engagement Projects

A father tucks in his children wondering how he's going to make rent this month. A child walks to school in worn and stained clothes hoping nobody will notice. All around us there are men, women, and children in our community suffering in silence. The Mission is here to help, connecting individuals to services and resources in order to live a comfortable and hope filled life.

Hope Coach Mobile Outreach

John was living alone on the streets when a white van pulled up with the words “Hope Coach” written on the side. “Want a sandwich?” asked the driver, who then invited him to check out the Phoenix Rescue Mission. The next morning, John went to the Mission for breakfast . . . but he ended up getting a whole lot more.

Spiritual Recovery

For all of the programs listed above, spiritual recovery is at the heart of everything we do. No program or service can work fully without divine intervention, and no person is fully transformed without Christ.

Just ask Dennis.

Glendale Works

A solution to homelessness that works. Phoenix Rescue Mission has partnered with City of Glendale to assist individuals faced with insurmountable, life-controlling problems by offering them the opportunity to earn real wages and connect with services.

Stories of Transformation

Meet some of the people whose lives have been radically changed at the Mission.

How You Can Help

The Phoenix Rescue Mission works. The programs and services work. Thousands of people who have come through the Mission’s doors will vouch for that. But none of it would be possible without the generous support of friends like you. Please make a gift today!


You know you want to get involved. You know you want to get your hands dirty, to be more involved, to directly help transform someone’s life. Well, there are plenty of ways you can join our team as a volunteer, no matter your skills or talents. Contact us today!