“Scottsdale Works” program sees immediate success

The city of Scottsdale and Phoenix Rescue Mission are celebrating a successful first month of Scottsdale Works – Brick by Brick, an integrated workforce development program that aims to reduce homelessness in Scottsdale and put the city’s homeless to work.

“This program has been a blessing to both the participants and the community because people are getting connected to resources to end their homelessness,” said Phoenix Rescue Mission Street Outreach Supervisor Gabe Priddy.

One individual, Jason Smith, recently received keys to his first home since his life on the streets began in the mid-1990s.

Mr. Smith found work with Scottsdale’s program, which instilled in him a sense of worth and gave him hope that he could end his cycle of homelessness after all.

Read the news article on YourValley.net

Watch the news video from Fox10Phoenix.com

3 thoughts on ““Scottsdale Works” program sees immediate success

  1. Arthur Tucker on

    I read your article in The Mission – titled ” Will Work” Program in Scottsdale. Your Street Outreach Coordinator for Scottsdale Works provides guidance to the homeless to help get them off the streets, get an apartment and connect to other services. Is there a “Will Work” Program in Surprise? There are a growing number of homeless in the Surprise area that could benefit from vocational guidance, skills training, etc. that would lead them out of homelessness.

    • Ryan Brown on

      Hi Arthur! Our Will Work program is currently operating in Scottsdale and Glendale, but we do have other programs we offer as well. The biggest program we provide is Homeless Outreach and Navigation. We actually do work with Surprise on this program! It’s only a few hours a week right now, but we are working with Surprise and hope to continue serving the need.

  2. Kandace Faye Chinn on

    Dear Friends, I am just so inspired by the amazing things that the family there, my Christian Brothers and sisters are accomplishing there together! Thank you, and know how powerful, we are together! This is a dark time for the world, yet as Children of Christ, it is our time to keep planting seeds of faith, healing and transformation, as we all are broken! We must continue to focus upon Christ, and his wisdom, in these turbulent Covid19 days…….There is a lining in the storm clouds, and his name is Jesus Christ! Your Sister in Christ, Kandace Faye Chinn, Los Angeles,CA.

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