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Be a Light in a Dark Place

Become a Torchbearer: Be a Light in a Dark Place Even in the Valley of the Sun, a city known for its excess of sunny days, there exist places where the light doesn’t quite reach. In back alleys, under highways and behind department stores you can find the forgotten, the overlooked and the abandoned in what we call The Valley of Shadows. In Phoenix, there are thousands of hurting and hungry individuals who call this place home. They are mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers

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God is Calling

Will you answer? What would you do with your time on Earth if you were free to focus on one thing? Picture it in your mind. That thing you are visualizing is often something closely tied to the special purpose or calling God has placed in your heart of hearts. But the more important question is – what is keeping you from doing that one thing? We all have limited time. When we’re finished, don’t we all want to look back

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Your Impact on our Daycare

Your support is inspiring the biggest change in the littlest people There’s no denying that the Phoenix Rescue Mission’s Changing Lives Center lives up to its name. We see God intervene in the lives of our women on a daily basis. But the truth is, their tales of transformation only account for half the story. The rest of the miracles on campus happen literally right under our noses. Nina Mills, our childcare supervisor, has a front row seat to the transformation God works in our littlest

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Putting Your Love into Action

What your loved ones secretly want from you Have you seen the TLC reality show, “Long Lost Family”? Each episode aims to reunite families — adoptive children seeking their birth parents, people looking for siblings they didn’t know existed, the list goes on. While each story is unique, two strong themes consistently emerge: Every person has been carrying something heavy for years — guilt, rejection, pain, or loss of identity — and longing for restoration. Everyone just wants to belong. The show resonates deeply because it speaks

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The Main Thing – Real love isn’t like a box of chocolates

  When the world talks about love, you never know what you’re going to get. Especially during the season when chocolates are flying off the shelves, there are plenty of counterfeit ideas contending for the title of real love. If people are nice, if they’re honest, if they’ve done us no harm, if they contribute, if they benefit us, if they’re attractive and fun to be around – these are all reasons the world “loves.”  Isn’t it a relief that God offers us something so much better? His love,

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