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The Thankful Give Back

  This Thanksgiving season is a time to remember what God has done in and through our lives and to count our blessings. You might think that would be hard to do for someone in Lesa’s position. She lost her eyesight in one eye due to a stray bullet fired downtown. She lost her daughter to a bullet fired by her daughter’s friend. Now she lives on disability, and funds and food are tight. But amazingly, Lesa is still smiling.

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Where Are They Now?

Here at Phoenix Rescue Mission, we’re thankful for God’s commitment to see lives changed. Every year, hundreds of men, women and families find freedom from addiction and homelessness through the life-transforming recovery programs at the Phoenix Rescue Mission. But have you ever read one of our amazing stories of redemption and wondered “Can this be real? Is it truly transformation or just temporary?” To answer that question, you’ll need to buckle up as we take a trip down memory lane

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Our Graduates, Graduate!

Recently, in a collaborative effort between Phoenix Rescue Mission and the Governor’s office of Youth, Faith, and Family’s Arizona Angel Initiative (AAI) program, 15 of our graduates have become credentialed as Peer Support Specialists! A Peer Support Specialist uses his or her lived experience to offer strength, insight and hope to others. Essentially, they are living proof that recovery is possible. But more than that, as trained specialists, they are able to journey with others on their own path to

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