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To Our Beloved Supporters

Established in 1952 as a basic homeless outreach organization, Phoenix Rescue Mission’s services have expanded over the years in both size and scope. Originally, PRM provided food and resources for homeless individuals with no ongoing support to change their circumstances.  Today, PRM provides a full continuum of care for those individuals and families experiencing or at risk of experiencing hunger, homelessness, lack of adequate clothing, financial insecurity and addiction.  Because of the support of our community, this has been possible.

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A Competition for Good

A manager of 35 years, Scott noticed that there is a unity factor when his team worked together, when they went through, and overcame struggles together, “it drew us closer as a team,” Scott Duncan, Value Stream Operations Manager of Honeywell says. “There are employees at Honeywell with family members who went through the program at the Phoenix Rescue Mission.” Individuals who were once homeless, facing addiction, or battling life controlling issues, “they saw how the program at Phoenix Rescue

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A Voice for the Homeless

PHOENIX — The congressional subcommittee hearing led by Rep. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.) heard from various advocates during a hearing in Phoenix. One of those giving testimony was Jay Cory, the chief executive officer and president of the Phoenix Rescue Mission. Cory told the panel there needs to be comprehensive drug recovery programs. “Comprehensive meaning case management services, academic assistance, English as a second language, vocational and development job placements, spiritual growth counseling,” Cory said. Cory also testified the Phoenix Rescue Mission

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A Volunteer’s Perspective

There comes a time in our lives when people cross our paths and we are never the same. Several months ago, at our volunteer event where we feed dinner to our homeless friends at, Thankful Sundays, I heard the most beautiful music coming from the piano. I walked over and sat down on the stage next to the woman and asked about her story. She was homeless and in an abusive relationship and was struggling with staying away from alcohol

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Light in the Valley of Darkness

Bud has been living on the streets for more than a year and a half. Well, “living” is being generous – more like surviving. As he discusses what his experiences have been like, he lifts the edge of his hoodie to show a spot on his neck where he was stabbed a few months back during an altercation with another homeless man. We learn he’s survived being hit by a car while riding his bike, countless other fights and even

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