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Arizona Summit Law School Provides Free Legal Services to Help End Homelessness

Located between the Downtown Core and Capitol Mall, the 13-acre Human Services Campus is a collaboration between many different partner organizations, all working to end homelessness in the community. (Photo: Fara Illich)   Tucked inside a bare-bones computer lab on the Human Services Campus in Downtown Phoenix, a group of Arizona Summit Law School students and a professor host a free legal clinic every Tuesday. It’s a relaxed environment, everyone is dressed down. One student with a laptop anchors one of several small

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Where are they now?

Tommy – From a bruiser to a brother in Christ You might remember Tommy Smith. He spent 23 years in prison for attempted murder. While on the inside, he took orders as a prison “hit man.” Then in 2016, his life took a complete 180°. He became a graduate of our recovery program and, today, despite his toughguy appearance, Tom is one of the most kind, helpful and compassionate people you’ll ever meet. But where is he now? Even after his graduation, Tommy decided to continue to stay plugged into Phoenix

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Seeds of Hope in a Hopeless Place

How your partnership BRIDGEs the gap between hopelessness and transformation. When that cell door slams shut and suddenly you’re alone… when the full reality of where you are hits you – it’s a wake-up call. For some, the hopelessness felt at that moment is debilitating. For others – that wake-up call represents the first step to transformation. Through your support, Phoenix Rescue Mission’s BRIDGE program reaches out to inmates in that crucial moment to plant seeds of encouragement and hope. We do it by

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Transforming Your Excess Into Impact

In his opening monologue, a popular late night TV host recently quipped, “They’re considering a new ten cent fee on grocery bags here in New York. My mom was like ‘who’s laughing at the eight thousand bags under the sink now?’” While humorous, this anecdote pokes fun at the all-too-common trend of excess in the United States — specifically around things we don’t actually need. From data compiled at, research reveals: 1. There are 300,000 items in the average American home. 2. One out of every

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Back to School Success

The Phoenix Rescue Mission  is distributing nearly 1,500 backpacks filled with school supplies to children across Maricopa County prepare for the upcoming school year. At their annual Back to School event held at Cesar Chavez High School, more than 600 children got to pick out a new backpack filled with all the required school supplies, uniforms, and books to help prepare them for the school year. Just ask Bernadette Jackson, a stay-at-home mother of four, who says any assistance she

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