Movement Mortgage Making an Impact

Retail home lender Movement Mortgage and its philanthropy arm, Movement Foundation, has donated more than 400,000 bottles of water and a $150,000 matching grant to support Phoenix Rescue Mission’s 5th Annual Code:Red Summer Heat Relief Campaign. The donation, which is one of the largest single contributions to the Code:Red campaign since it began in 2013, was presented to Phoenix Rescue Mission during a press conference at the Mission’s donation warehouse.

“Because of Movement Mortgage’s generous gift, our staff and volunteers can continue their heat relief efforts at a time when it’s needed most,” said Phoenix Rescue Mission spokesperson Nicole Pena. “As we continue to expand our Code:Red campaign and street outreach, we couldn’t ask for a better partner to help us protect our most vulnerable populations during these hot summer months.”

Immediately following the ceremony, Movement Mortgage volunteers joined the Mission’s street outreach team to deliver the water and other heat-relief items directly to those living on the streets.

“At Movement, we believe in a simple idea: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ The intense heat in Arizona has left so many of our neighbors in life-threatening circumstances, and I am so proud of our teammates in Arizona and across the Western states that stepped up with such generosity to be difference makers,” Ignacio Metcalf, Movement Mortgage national sales director, said. “We are honored to work with the Phoenix Rescue Mission and the Movement Foundation to ensure these 400,000 bottles of water and the $150,000 matching grant will bring life, light and hope to our neighbors in greatest need.”

In addition to the donated funds and water, Movement Mortgage volunteers also assembled nearly 500 Summer Survival Kits, which included t-shirts, sunblock, granola bars, hats and other heat-relief items to be handed out to the homeless during the city-wide heat-relief campaign.


One thought on “Movement Mortgage Making an Impact

  1. Aubrey Aragon on

    I’m blessed that a shelter like yours really do care for the homeless and the unfortunate who’ve gone through such difficult times, and I emailed the Arizona Coyotes Foundation on Facebook as a suggestion to not only donating their profit money to your shelter, but also why not feed the homeless for the holidays for both Thanksgiving, and Christmas like the Arizona Cardinals do all the time, with their mascot Big Red, or better yet how about joining with the Cards team to feed the poor. It shouldn’t be about themselves its should be about giving back and learn how fortunate for what they have, and giving, and sharing for those who are less fortunate, to love and encourage them to strive, thrive to be better for Christ, not be perfect, but to thrive. And bring Howler with them, so he can join with Big Red that’ll be a great idea for this years holiday season. Good news is they emailed me back and took it in consideration.

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