Michael is No Longer Homeless for the Holidays

Michael is No Longer Homeless for the Holidays

After 15 years of living on the street, YOU helped him obtain the keys to his own apartment 

A year ago, you could find Michael passed out drunk in a park, by his own admission, “killing himself” one pint of whiskey at a time.

Today, he’s sober, employed, and turning the key to his new Glendale apartment. Who does he have to thank for ending 15 years of living on and off the streets? God, of course. And you!

It was a chance encounter. Our Glendale Works team, responsible for providing the homeless of Glendale with the opportunity to earn an honest day’s wage, visited Michael’s park one day to clean up. A curious Michael got to talking to Gabe Priddy, our Street Outreach Coodinator, and shared his story. To his surprise, Gabe could relate!

It wasn’t too long ago Gabe was in a similar position. Instead of giving up, he encouraged Michael to strive for something more.

Michael took those words to heart and joined the Glendale Works team. While he worked, Michael was assigned Case Manager Brian Farretta who helped him get copies of his birth certificate and his social security card so he could begin to look for employment. He helped him obtain a housing voucher, locate an apartment and purchase furniture for his new place. Brian even worked it out so the Mission could pay for his apartment application fee!

Now, one year later, Michael is truly homeless for the holidays – thanks to you!

I’ve never had apartment keys in my life. I’ve been on the streets so long, it’s hard to believe this is real. If it weren’t for you, I’d still be in the park. I want to thank you guys,” says Michael with tears in his eyes. “Thank you, Lord! I’m blessed!”

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