The start of a new school year should be a time of excitement for a family and not a time for stress. As more schools adopt dress codes and uniforms to alleviate socioeconomic differences they also create a new obstacle for homeless and low-income families. These children are already at risk for failure by not attending school. Let's make a difference and partner together with Phoenix Rescue Mission for their annual back to school uniform drive. Integrity Capital would like to thank you for donations you make with a tiered fundraiser. Higher tier donations will also receive the "thank you" from the tiers below. .

Join us May 15th 2019 through June 15th 2019 and your tax-deductible donation will have a profound impact on a child's education, emotional well being, and how they interact socially.

**In order to track the competition for Integrity Capital, your name and dollar amount given will be shared with your drive coordinator**