Too many men, women, and children are going without food.

What is Feeding Phoenix?

As many as 250,000 children in Maricopa County will go to bed hungry tonight.

And that’s just the kids. In all, about 1 in 6 people (15.9%) in Maricopa County don’t know where their next meal is coming from. The technical term is “food insecure.” Practically speaking, it means these neighbors are hungry … frightened … desperate.

You can help change that.

Every fall, Phoenix Rescue Mission launches its Feeding Phoenix campaign, to raise awareness and funds to provide meals for the thousands of hungry and homeless people who live in our community.

We must prepare 907 meals per day just to keep up with the needs of everyone who walks through our door.

But every $1.92 you give provides a complete meal. So, working together, we can do this!

Put your compassion into action right away.

Let’s Feed Phoenix today!

“We Would Go Days Without Eating”

Juan and Veronica were in bad shape. Painful pasts and drug addictions had left them homeless. They were living next to a canal in a tent made out of bed sheets. Conditions were terrible, food was scarce, and hope was nowhere to be found.

“It was rock bottom,” Veronica says. “We would go days without eating. When we did have food, ants and other bugs would usually get to it before we did because we were too busy getting high. We didn’t know what to do, but we knew we didn’t want to stay here.”

Homeless and hungry, they turned to Phoenix Rescue Mission, where they were greeted with a warm meal, safe shelter, and heaping helpings of love and encouragement.

Today, both are sober and have a strong relationship with God. Juan and Veronica have found not only their “daily bread” at Phoenix Rescue Mission, but sustenance for life!

Other Ways to Get Involved

Donate Money

Your gifts help provide lifesaving water, food, and care.

Feed Hungry Neighbors

Check out the many opportunities to donate food or serve meals.

Volunteer on the Hope Coach

Ride with us to offer water, food, sunscreen and compassion.

Fill-A-Bag to Feed a Family

Help the needy families coming to the Mission for food boxes by recruiting your neighbors.

We asked a few 5-year-olds what it’s like to go hungry.

“My tummy was very growling,” said one. “My stomach kept on gro-o-o-aning,” said another, stretching out the word. “My stomach said, ‘I’m hungry really bad,’” said another.

And one little boy put it like this: “I wanted to grow big, but I didn’t have enough food.”

Can you imagine? Children should have boundless energy, but without adequate nutrition, it’s gone by mid-day. Worst of all, many kids go to bed hungrier than they were when they got up this morning.

Maricopa County has 250,000 hungry people.

It’s not just an urban problem, either. The number of hungry children in our suburbs — where 45 percent of kids are eligible for free or reduced-priced lunches — is on the rise.

Meals change everything. One local school program found that for food-insecure children, test scores improved 12% in reading and 26% in math after they were provided with meals.

Families with kids come to Phoenix Rescue Mission every day seeking a meal. And our Changing Lives Center for Women and Children feeds kids (and their moms) daily.

Please help feed Phoenix’s hungry children with your gift today!

or call 602.346.3336