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Community Easter Event

April 8, 2017 @ 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

Our Community Easter Event to benefit low-income children and families is right around the corner!

If you would like to participate and/or receive assistance at this event, please contact Volunteer Services at (602)346-3363 or volunteer@phoenixrescuemission.org. Open spaces tend to fill up quickly so inquire about signing up as soon as possible!

Our Greatest Need: This year, our greatest need will be for pre-filled Easter baskets to hand out to the children who will be coming to this event. If you want to help this outreach happen, but can't decide how you like to give, please consider organizing an Easter basket drive or making a few on your own. Thank you!

Volunteer Opportunities: As one of our biggest outreach events of the year, we need a lot of volunteers! Below you will find a list of volunteer opportunities you can choose from for the event. FYI, there will only be 1 shift for this event, 8am-1pm.  When you choose an activity, please respond to Volunteer Servicesvolunteer@phoenixrescuemission.org or (602)346-3363. We will send you a confirmation with times, location, etc.

Sponsorship: We could not make the day possible without friends helping sponsor the activities. If you would like to sponsor any of the items below in part or in full, please contact Oscar Barajas, Mission Sharing Coordinator, at obarajas@phoenixrescuemission.org or (602)346-3383.

  • Bounce House ($300)
  • Bounce House ($200)
  • Bounce House ($200)
  • Cases of Water (100 cases)
  • 2 Popcorn Machines
  • 2 Cotton Candy Machines
  • 2 Snow Cone Machines

How to Sign Up to Volunteer

  1. Volunteers 18 years and above: Everyone 18 years and above will need to fill out a volunteer application (unless you have a current application on file).
  2. Volunteers under 18 years:  Children 17 years and under will not need to fill out a full volunteer application. Instead, click here to fill out a Youth Authorization and Liability Form, once for each minor.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Egg Hunt (15 people) Volunteers will set up and run this activity, including placing eggs in the field and organizing children for the hunt. We will need 3,000 candy-filled plastic eggs (no chocolate). We are collecting candy-filled eggs separately, but would also welcome any eggs that volunteers are able to sponsor and put together.
  • Cookie & Cake Walk (5-7 people) Volunteers will run this activity, which entails kids (and sometimes parents) walking around a circle of numbers. When the music stops, everyone will be on a numberand the volunteers will pull out a number from a basket and whoever is on that number gets their coice of one cake or package of cookies. (All prizes will be provided by the Mission.) Volunteers should coordinate music for the cake walk, numbers for the walk, numbers to draw from, and a basket to place the numbers for drawing.
  • Egg and Spoon Relay (10 people) Volunteers will set up and run this game, which involves handing out spoons and eggs and setting kids up to race each other. Plastic spoons and prizes for winners are to be provided by the volunteer(s).
  • Face Painting (4-6 people) Volunteers will provide all face paints and bring tables, chairs, wipes, water, and other items needed for a face painting station.
  • Balloon Animals (2 people) Volunteers will provide all of the supplies necessary to make balloon animals.
  • 2 Cotton Candy Booths (4+ people each) This sponsor and volunteer provides all equipment and supplies to distribute free cotton candy and organizes a team to make and give away the cotton candy.
  • 2 Snow Cone Booths (4+ people each) This sponsor and volunteer provides all equipment and supplies to distribute free snow cones and organizes a team to make and give away the snow cones.
  • 2 Popcorn Machines (4+ people each) This sponsor and volunteer provides all equipment and supplies to distribute free popcorn and organizes a team to make and give away the popcorn.
  • Crafts Volunteers decide what craft they would like to do and provide the materials for the craft. Each group would need to provide enough materials for 100 people. We can have several crafts during the event. The number of volunteers needed will depend on what craft you choose.
  • Chapel Ministry (6-8 people) Volunteer(s) will help guide families into and out of the auditorium for the ministry.
  • Parking Attendants (15 people) We will need volunteers to help direct and park cars in the parking lot.
  • Inflatable Activity Attendants (2-3 people each) Volunteers to monitor inflatable activities for the children.
  • Trash Detail (5-7 people) Volunteers to monitor trash cans, empty cans, and put in new bags as well as walk around and clean up during the event.
  • Easter Basket Distribution (10 people) Volunteers will hand out Easter Baskets as the children leave and replenish the tables with more baskets.
  • Food Bag Distribution (10-15 people) Volunteers will help families carry their  food bags  to their cars.  (Involves lifting and carrying the weight of the food bags.)
  • Floaters (5-10 people) These volunteers will provide a break for volunteers in other jobs during the event, provide water to other volunteers, and help wherever needed.


April 8, 2017
8:00 am - 1:00 pm
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