Phoenix Rescue Mission

God is Calling

Will you answer?

What would you do with your time on Earth if you were free to focus on one thing?

Picture it in your mind. That thing you are visualizing is often something closely tied to the special purpose or calling God has placed in your heart of hearts.

But the more important question is – what is keeping you from doing that one thing?

We all have limited time. When we’re finished, don’t we all want to look back at a life well lived? Here are a few questions we can ask to get us closer to the life we were designed to lead:


Prayer is a good place to start, no matter what we’re about. Who better to ask about our purpose than
the Creator Himself?

Think Back

Ask yourself, “What have I done that makes me feel alive?” and write it down. Don’t brush it
off as a flight of fancy or selfish ambition.


Identify what your passions and experiences have in common.

Take Action

Figure out where the needs of those around you and the ambitions that make your heart soar
intersect and ask yourself – “What do I need to do to make this happen?”

While asking yourself these questions, you may discover that what you love in life aligns with the work of the Phoenix
Rescue Mission. Taking action may include remembering us in prayer, in your Will, or with a gift of appreciated stock. For
assistance or for more information, contact Adele Dietrich at (602) 346-3323 or at
All of these are great examples of our calling to be good stewards of the blessings we’ve received, creating a legacy we can
be proud of – pouring into the lives around us. What is God calling you to do today? Will you answer?