A Competition for Good

A manager of 35 years, Scott noticed that there is a unity factor when his team worked together, when they went through, and overcame struggles together, "it drew us closer as a team," Scott Duncan, Value Stream Operations Manager of Honeywell says. "There are employees at Honeywell with family members who went through the program at the Phoenix Rescue Mission." Individuals who were once homeless, facing addiction, or battling life controlling issues, "they saw how the program at Phoenix Rescue Mission benefited not only that person, but their whole family." Honeywell wanted to support the work of Phoenix Rescue Mission, and began supporting our Code Red Summer Heat Relief drive last year in 2017.  Scott and his team at Honeywell donated over 1,650 cases equaling 22 pallets of water to the Mission. "We knew we wanted to do even more the next year. It became a competition for good among our employees at Honeywell."

Today Scott is at Phoenix Rescue Mission's donation warehouse with his Honeywell team, and his sister Becky. Becky, a personnel coordinator at Walmart, sees first-hand the effects of poverty in Phoenix. "We are always handing out water to individuals experiencing homelessness in our community. They are sick, dehydrate, and we can see the struggle that they face, especially in the summer heat explains Becky. With the support of Walmart, Becky was able to support her brother's competitive spirit, by bring her employee into the picture to join forcing in our summer heat relief drive. "Becky was a huge part of Honeywell's success the last two years, says brother Scott." Walmart sold the pallets to Honeywell at a good price and even delivered the truck-fulls of water to the Phoenix Rescue Mission. This year, Walmart needed to make two trips to deliver the  2,000 cases of water donated by Honeywell, equaling 38 pallets of water to distribute to the homeless community in our city.

"We know 100% of ever penny donated through this initiative is going to help someone," Scott explains. "Our goal next year is to fill four trucks!"

Thank you to Scott and Becky, Honeywell and Walmart for your support in helping the hurting and homeless in our community. Your support is making a monumental difference in our community! See you next year for another successful Code Red season!


Want to join Honeywell and Walmart and be a part of the life-transformation in your state? Contact Catie at chammann@phoenixrescuemission.org of (602)346-3347 to get started!

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