Meet the Staff: Nathan Smith, Our CPO

Ever wonder what fuels the fire in the hearts of our staff for the homeless and hurting? Starting this month, we’ll be introducing you to the outstanding men and women who work tirelessly to see lives transformed – to get a peek into what brought them to the Mission and what keeps them going.

Ask anyone on campus and they’ll tell you: Nathan Smith has a huge heart for the homeless. But it didn’t start out that way.

“I wasn’t necessarily callous to helping people with great needs,” Nathan remembers. “I just never paid any attention to that as a kid.” It wasn’t until his first missions trip to India that his life, and his heart, changed forever. Nathan not only found his calling while he was in India, he found his wife – who was serving in the medical clinics of the same missions’ field.

“Years later, I was having trouble getting out to India to continue my mission work because I was building a family here. That’s when I was challenged by my grandmother-in-law to do more work locally. I started working with the homeless, which blossomed into a church ministry. From there, I met Jay Cory (former President and CEO of Phoenix Rescue Mission) who got me started at an entry-level position at the Mission.”

At the Mission, Nathan flourished. In just six short years, he’s risen through the ranks from Project Coordinator to Project Manager to Director of Community Engagement. During that time, he was instrumental in the expansion of the Mission’s reach into regions like Glendale, where he and his team saved the city’s largest food bank from closing for good.

Nathan’s team reopened Hope For Hunger Food Bank and increased the output of the previous ownership by more than 50% – serving more than 160 families per day under his watch. He was also a key player in the formation of Glendale Works, an integrated workforce development program aimed at reducing homelessness in Glendale by providing homeless individuals day-work cleaning city property.

In May, he accepted the position of Chief Program Officer!

God has put me in these different spots to expose me to what it means to be a leader, what it means to work with people who are really, really down and out and it’s prepared me to take that on at a higher administrative level. I couldn’t be more thankful for the path He put me on to get here.

Congratulations on your promotion, Nathan. We can’t wait to see how God uses you next!

Hunger Action Month

“Missing a meal” is not the latest diet craze, but the definition of “food Insecurity.” Right here in Arizona one in 7 families are considered food insecure like Andrea, who needed her car to get to her job.

“This month my car broke and the only way to pay for it was to take the money from my food budget. I would skip dinner to make sure my kids had something at night,” said Andrea. “Knowing there was a week until my next paycheck was when I found the food bank and was provided a cart full of groceries.”

“I was so thankful to find so many people who care. It meant a lot to my family.”

You can help neighbors like Andrea put nutritious food on her table this month.

Here are some ideas for YOU to take action this month!

September is Hunger Action Month. Here are a few ways YOU can take action, and make an impact in your community!

Hold a Canned Food Drive

Hold a canned food drive at your church, office or in your neighborhood. Contact Catie to arrange your drive, and find out our greatest needs at or 602-346-3347


Use the #ShareYourPlate hashtag on social media to let your friends and family know how you are helping food insecure families this month. Don't forget to check Phoenix Rescue Mission on Facebook and @phxmission on Twitter and Instagram to see our video highlights of those you are helping.

Feed a Family

Feed a family in our care. Hope begins with a meal, just a $1.92 provides a nutritious meal in our dining hall. Click HERE to donate.

Volunteer at Hope for Hunger Food Bank

Volunteer to pack food boxes at Hope for Hunger Food Bank. Sign up as a volunteer on VolunteerHub or click HERE to see the available shifts.

Become a Fill-A-Bag Partner

Join the Mission and help us support low-income families in our neighborhoods with bags of groceries and basic goods. To learn more about the Fill-A-Bag Program, click HERE.

Buy Cookies

You heard right. Buy  cookies. Support the Mission's Cookie Enterprise Vocational Program, where all proceeds go back into the program to support the very women baking up delicious cookies, made from scratch, just for you! Learn more at

Volunteer Serving in our Kitchen

Serve at our Community Market

Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month, the Mission serves our low-income families. We open our campus and provide food bags, a chance to "shop" for clothes, shoes and basic household items, provide counseling and prayer, and plenty of water to get them by. See what happens at our market below.

Thank you for taking action to end hunger in our community!

Where are they now?

Tommy - From a bruiser to a brother in Christ

You might remember Tommy Smith. He spent 23 years in prison for attempted murder. While on the inside, he took orders as a prison “hit man.” Then in 2016, his life took a complete 180°. He became a graduate of our recovery program and, today, despite his toughguy appearance, Tom is one of the most kind, helpful and compassionate people you’ll ever meet.

But where is he now?

Even after his graduation, Tommy decided to continue to stay plugged into Phoenix Rescue Mission. He had a passion for learning, volunteering, and ministering to others through our numerous programs and outreaches. In fact, he’s become such an asset, that just 6 months ago, we hired him full-time – to help with our Code:Red outreach program. If you had water donations picked up this summer, you’ve probably had the pleasure of meeting him!

From a bruiser to a brother in Christ, Tommy has come full circle! Thank you for the support that produces real, lasting transformation in the men, women and children we serve!

Community Solutions Center Expansion

Dear Neighbors:

We have some exciting news for you. Phoenix Rescue Mission (PRM) is moving forward with a major expansion of our facilities and services. Plans are underway to build an $11 million, four story building on the NEC of 35th Avenue and West Durango Street. This facility will allow us to substantially expand our Transformations Program and our services to the surrounding community.

We need your help. As part of the City of Phoenix permit process, we are asked to meet with our neighbors to review our plans, and gain your trust and support. This petition is your opportunity to show the City of Phoenix that you support our expansion plans.

We would appreciate you signing below.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives. If you have any questions, feel free to call Ken Quartermain at 602-989-3443. On behalf of Phoenix Rescue Mission, may God bless you!

Paul Senseman, PRM Board Chairman


Fill out the below form to stand in support for the Phoenix Rescue Mission's $11 million project expansion at the NEC of 35th Avenue and West Durango Street.

    Women in recovery honored as first graduating class of culinary arts vocational training program


    Humana Foundation to donate $3,000 to program at Phoenix Rescue Mission ceremony

    WHO: Phoenix Rescue Mission and Human Foundation.

    WHAT: Six residents of Phoenix Rescue Mission’s Changing Lives Center for Women & Children, a long-term recovery program for women struggling with addiction and/or abuse, will be honored as the first graduating class of a culinary arts vocational training program funded in part by the Humana Foundation. Humana will present a $3,000 check during the ceremony so the Mission can continue providing the 16-week program. The grant is part of Humana’s commitment to volunteerism.

    WHY: The Changing Lives Center serves a targeted group of homeless women and children; many of whom have suffered domestic abuse, substance abuse and addiction. The culinary arts program is just one of the many ways the center helps these mothers transition to a healthy and independent lifestyle so they do not return to the streets.

    WHEN: Wednesday, July 29

    WHERE: Contact the media contacts below for location information.


    • The Humana Foundation and Phoenix Rescue Mission will honor the four women of the first graduating class.
    • Graduating class members may be available to speak on what the program means to them and their future independence.
    • The Humana Foundation will present a $3,000 check to the Phoenix Rescue Mission.
    • Spokespersons from the Humana Foundation and Phoenix Rescue Mission will be available for interviews.

    Phoenix Rescue Mission provides Christ-centered, life-transforming solutions to persons facing hunger and homelessness. The non-profit Mission, which has been operating since 1952, is asking the public for support of its many programs designed to save lives, including Hope Coach Street Outreach, Homeless Emergency Services, Men’s Addiction Recovery Program and the new Changing Lives Center for Women and Children.


    Media Contacts:

    Josh Skalniak, Fingerpaint, office: (480) 368-7999; cell: (480)352-2050,

    Nicole Peña, Phoenix Rescue Mission, office: (602) 346-3342; cell: (602) 516-8576 (Onsite Contact)


    Click here to download the Press Release PDF.