Can Madness!

Thank you to NorthShore Student Ministries for holding their “Can Madness” food drive for Phoenix Rescue Mission. Together, they were able to collect nearly 300 cans of food for our food pantry and personal care items we give to those on the streets in our Hope Totes. These donations are more than just a can of food or a bottle of shampoo, they are a chance to connect and reach out to someone in need.

We make it easy to do a food drive with your group of family, friends or coworkers by providing boxes, lists of needs and we even do pick-ups. Contact Marlena at if you’d like to start collecting for us today.

One thought on “Can Madness!

  1. Thomas Murray on

    I am one of the many people that the Mission helped and helps. I lived on the streets of Phoenix for years, and now, because of the Mission and the wonderful people there, and all of the donors that contribute to the Mission, I found a new relationship with our Lord and I have a wonderful life! Next year, I will be a doctor (chiropractor) after many years of school, and now of this would have been possible without the help of the Jerry Sandvig, his wonderful staff (Stephanie, and others), and our Lord and Savior.

    Please help the Mission in every way you can. There are many more men and women like me that are on the streets of Phoenix right now – we can help them!

    My best thoughts to you,

    Thomas Murray
    Kansas City, Missouri

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