Be a Light in a Dark Place

Become a Torchbearer: Be a Light in a Dark Place

Even in the Valley of the Sun, a city known for its excess of sunny days, there exist places where the light doesn’t quite reach. In back alleys, under highways and behind department stores you can find the forgotten, the overlooked and the abandoned in what we call The Valley of Shadows.

In Phoenix, there are thousands of hurting and hungry individuals who call this place home. They are mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters of all ages – the Valley of Shadows does not discriminate.

Thankfully, they are not alone.

The Phoenix Rescue Mission offers a beacon of hope amid the darkness. But to keep that light shining, we need the support
of friends like you – we need Torchbearers!

Torchbearers lead the way by providing an affordable monthly gift that helps offer the life-transforming solutions that save lives at Phoenix Rescue Mission. As a Monthly Torchbearer, you’ll get an inside look at news from around the Mission and invitations to special events. Best of all, you’ll know that every month you’re providing a light of hope and life-changing care to people in need.

This Easter, be a light in the darkness. Become a Monthly Torchbearer. There’s no better way to honor the sacrifice that saved us than to make a sacrifice of our own that will save others. To sign up or for more information, visit