Back to School? How your support gives kids hope for the school year

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected us all in different ways. It’s possible that life will never be the same. But beyond the sickness and the social distancing, there’s one group affected who are easily overlooked.

Our school children.

There are thousands of families who have lost jobs, been furloughed, or have otherwise seen their income dry up with no warning over the past few months. Edith’s family is one of them.

“The virus hit us really hard because we weren’t expecting it,” says Edith. “I got laid off.”

Just a few months ago, she was employed at Amazon and supporting three kids, while she worked on becoming a Registered Nurse. Today, she needs help affording school supplies for her children.

Thankfully, our Back to School event is coming up on July 25th. Edith and her family will be attending for the first time – and she couldn’t be more grateful for your support that makes it possible.

Edith volunteers her time as a member of the PTA in the Murphy Elementary School District. As a member, she’s been involved with many of the events Phoenix Rescue Mission hosts there to help families. But that was before she joined the 824,412 individuals in Arizona who have found themselves out of work since the week of March 21st. Now she’s on the other side.

“Getting ready for school after what has happened with the coronavirus is tough! The Phoenix Rescue Mission is helping a lot of families and bringing smiles to a lot of kids. We’re all very grateful!”

Every year, with your support, Phoenix Rescue Mission provides school supplies, backpacks, uniforms and shoes to Phoenix area Title 1 School Districts – everything kids need to thrive and succeed. The event gives children hope, levels the playing field with their peers and provides a connecting point to keep their family on the road to success.

“If we find that a family has a need for food or clothing, or maybe they are getting evicted and need assistance getting into a shelter, we can help them with those things or connect them with the right resources to get the help that they need,” says Pam Morrison, our Community Relationship Officer. “Our goal is to remove barriers and help stabilize families which improves the opportunity for children to get an education.”

While families like Edith’s are busy trying to make ends meet – to keep food on the table and the air conditioner running – school supplies are, understandably, a low priority. Together, we can keep hope moving forward for these little ones.

“If we have leftover items at the end of the event,” says Pam, “we give those supplies and uniforms to the parent liaison to provide for any homeless students that come their way throughout the year.”

“There’s such a need for those backpacks and supplies,” says Edith. “I know these kids are excited to get back into the classroom. They’ve got the motivation if we can provide the resources.”

Our Back to School event is just a few weeks away on July 25th.

Let’s make sure every child who attends goes away smiling. Thank you for the support that gives our students hope!

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