Press Release

3 Holiday Tips to Care for Neighbors in Need

The holidays are a joyful time for many—being surrounded by loved ones, giving and receiving gifts, and sharing a warm meal with those you care most about. But for some, the holidays are a painful and stressful time. Many in our community are struggling to make ends meet due to inflation, high gas prices, and no longer being able to afford their home —while others have no home to go to. Here are some practical tips to help those in need in our community to bring them joy this Christmas season. 

Check in on neighbors and those who might be alone for the holidays. 

No matter their circumstances, people experiencing homelessness feel disconnected from family, and not having a place to go “home” for the holidays is disheartening. Have Hope Tote hygiene kits on hand when driving around the city. Pack them with warm socks and gloves and be prepared to hand them out to people on street corners, along with a warm smile and kind encouragement. 

Finally, check in on people in your community that you know may be struggling this season and show them you care. Whether that’s meeting them for coffee, baking them cookies, or just taking the time to talk and pray with them—it’s a great way to remind them of Christ’s love and show them that they have someone they can turn to if they need help.  

Donate food and toys.  

A simple way to help this holiday season is to donate food or toys to places like Phoenix Rescue Mission. Families in need have to make difficult decisions at this time of year—do they buy their kids toys, or do they pay the rent and buy groceries? At the Winter Wonderland event on December 17, the Mission will serve hundreds of families in need with food, household items, and toys so they won’t have to make that decision. Help support this effort with a donation or visit the Amazon Charity List to send toys directly to the Mission. 

Get involved.  

Finally, if you’re unable to donate money or goods, donate your time! Nonprofits and community service organizations need a lot of help at this time of year. At the Mission, we have many volunteer opportunities available, from serving families at Hope for Hunger Food Bank and packing food bags for our mobile food pantries, to serving those living on the streets or helping out at our community events. However you choose to get involved, you can make a huge difference in someone’s life this Christmas.